Review: Dame ‘Holy Moly’

Los Angeles-based Indie Pop outfit Dame (the brain-child of songstress Michelle Armstrong) brings to the table her latest offering – ‘Holy Moly’ – the infectious opening track from her EP ‘Preventions of Heartbreak’. From the opening moments of the track, Armstrong’s vocals are the main attraction – a potent mix of angelic aggression – creating a perfect balance of both heavy and heartfelt. There is undeniable power in her delivery, coupled with a skillful display of restraint, a certain softness that cuts through, a vocal push and pull that adds diversity to the overall listening experience.

In terms of musicality, the instrumentation is solid. The level of musicianship is top-notch, as versatile as the vocals they accompany. There is a balance within the arrangement that mirrors the balance within the vocals, requiring a deft hand to execute properly, and it is achieved here on both fronts – heavy in parts without ever overpowering, and restrained in others without ever being drowned out – working in tandem to create an experience and atmosphere that is both new and refreshing.

‘Holy Moly’ is polished in a way that makes it accessible to both the mainstream masses and indie enthusiasts alike. With Armstrong’s powerhouse vocals and solid musicianship at it’s heart, Dame is a musical tour-de-force that is likely to find a fan base in even the most discerning of ears, and, whether you’re a purist or a casual listener, you owe it to your ears to give this a listen.



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