Pretty Little Liars – Under The Gun – Recap


Tonight, we visit Ravenswood. As if we didn’t have enough weirdness and unexplained mysteries to worry about.

Innocent Until A Plants Evidence

Hanna’s parents get her out of jail quick enough and her dad takes her home. I’m really surprised her mom is showing her face at the police department. With so much at stake for her parents, I can’t believe Hanna hasn’t told them about A yet. But then A threatens Hanna to keep her mouth shut and I remember why. There’s a lot at stake here. Ashley could go to jail for the murder of Wilden and it could have been done with Hanna’s dad’s gun.

Ashley keeps up appearances in front of Hanna but behind the scenes with her ex husband, she reveals some more details. She went to him for money to make Wilden leave her alone and get out of town. When that didn’t work, she took the gun to protect herself. Then she claims there was some sort of struggle and Wilden grabbed the gun away from her as she ran away. That does not look good. But it’s reminding me what a dbag Wilden was.

Emily UnmAsked

Emily is sick of everybody’s crap. Not only is she injured and unable to swim, but now she has to worry about Shana. Shana has transferred over to Rosewood High in the middle of her senior year (Um, okay) and has now taken Emily’s spot on the swim team. And in her spare time when she’s not being an awful life ruiner and possibly setting the girls on fire, she’s an expert violinist. Who knew?

Anyways, Emily wants to help Hanna and her mother and demands for the dashcam footage from Wilden’s car. These girls never learn and I can already tell this won’t end well. She waltzes in to the police station and places a copy of the footage on the detective’s desk. I sure hope she makes copies. A is like TMZ and probably has a million spies in that department. Sure enough, the detective calls Emily into her office and there’s an extremely creepy video of a person in a red jacket and an Emily mask holding up a sign that says GUILTY. Guess she didn’t get the evidence.

How Many Scrabble Points For Dbag?

A new guy, a friend of Mike’s, is working at the coffee shop and his name is Connor. I want to call him Ethan, the sex obsessed guy from The Secret Life of the American Teenager. For one awful moment I think he’ll be another love interest for Aria when she offers to help him with his homework. He tries to kiss Aria but he’s not old enough for her and she shuts that down real quick. He doesn’t take it well.

The next day at school, Connor tells his locker room buddies that he hooked up with Aria and Mike is pissed. Aria confronts Connor in the locker room and he calls her a slut for hooking up with Ezra. I’m clutching my pearls as the words leave his mouth and Ezra walks in at the same time. I hope Ezra kicks his ass. But alas. It doesn’t happen. But Connor gets his at the end of the episode when a hooded figure smashes his car. For one glorious moment, I think it’s Ezra. But it’s probably Mike.

Welcome To Ravenswood

Spencer is on the outs with the other girls after Mona tells them Spencer knew that Toby took the RV. To try and gain some brownie points, Spencer and Toby travel to Ravenswood to search for the mysterious Mrs. Grunwald, the house mother from last week.

As they enter the town, I want to laugh at the creepy grey lighting filter that has suddenly taken over my screen. The town, and the people, are all very grey and creepy. It’s like Pleasantville meets Hitchcock. Mrs. Grunwald has no idea what Spencer is talking about and brushes her off. Just as Spencer is about to give up, some creepy music has begun to play over the town loudspeakers. The townspeople all start wandering to the same statue of an angel. They stand. And they stare. Is it a grave?

Just as I urge Spencer to look closer, she notices Shana, the only other non grey person in the crowd, standing there. She rushes away and jumps into Jenna’s car. Before Toby and Spencer can follow, a bird crashes into their windshield. Aw :( .


As the episode ends, Ashley is arrested for the murder of Wilden. The gun was a match and her fingerprints are all over the bullets. Did she do it?

What were the people of Ravenswood looking at? Why are they so creepy?

In this episode, I noticed that for the third or fourth time, a reference to Spencer’s low blood sugar is mentioned and that she’s not one to deal with when that happens. Is something ever going to come of that?

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