Pretty Little Liars – Gamma Zeta Die! – Recap


This episode of Pretty Little Liars was not one of the best. I’m concerned that it may take awhile before it gets back to the amazing levels we used to experience weekly.

Here is our recap of this week’s new episode of Pretty Little Liars: “Gamma Zeta Die!”

The episode kicks off with a weird scene of Hanna dreaming something straight out of Inception or Melrose Place. It’s really odd. Since I know what happens already, it really sets the tone for the rest of the episode. Sadly.

Four Wheel Hive

Then a ton of bees fly out of Ella’s air conditioner vents in her car and attack her. She sits still, doesn’t get out of the car, and manages to still look okay later in the episode. It was probably one of the most hilarious scenes of the night for all the wrong reasons.

Aria spends the episode trying to convince everyone else in her family to convince her mother to go to Europe. See, Ella has decided not to go because her son, Mike, who is still alive in case you were wondering, actually likes his mother and doesn’t want her to leave for a year. Not so weird. Aria thinks he’s being a dbag for having such horrible feelings of selfishness (this is sarcasm) and shoves him during a fight. Said fight is awesome because Mike calls Aria out about Fitz and it’s beautiful.


Emily and Spencer are spending the weekend touring colleges together. Spencer discovers that a certain college has the same half of a phone number as the mysterious Tippy phone number in York County. So they’re off to Cicero University. Spencer wants to spend the weekend bagging on Hufflepuffs and sleuthing but Emily actually wants to explore her education options now that she’s injured.

Because Emily is being flirty with Spencer’s college adviser, Spencer decides this gives her the right to be a total bitch. She calls Emily out for not revealing she’s gay and is just rude all around. Emily, who is a badass lately, isn’t going to put up with that sh*t and calls her out for being an entitled, spoiled brat. It’s probably the one good scene of the night because I don’t think I’ve ever seen the girls be so catty to each other.

The Secret Room

Spencer sleuths without her and just so happens to walk into a wall which just so happens to be a secret door to a secret room that holds nothing but a magazine, a radio, and a phone. You guessed it. It just so happens to be the phone number. And there are claw marks on the door. What could that possibly mean? Among the other discoveries include the sorority house mother. I can’t handle a new mysterious figure. Don’t we have enough?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The episode gets even better. Don’t worry. Ashley goes to see Spencer’s mom, Veronica because she knows the police are building a case against her. Turns out she’s so far, pretty much screwed.

Hanna continues to worry about the situation and goes snooping in Ashley’s locked closet. She finds a gun in the closet and decides it’s a good idea to take the gun to the party at Cicero University. Not wanting to wait for the other girls, Hanna puts her hands ALL OVER THE GUN, goes into the woods, and tries to bury it in the smallest hole ever. Then the cops show up to spoil her fun and Hanna is arrested.

I. Can’t.

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