‘Graceland’ Recap — Episode 1.07, “Goodbye High.”

This week on Graceland; Paul Briggs lies about everything conceivable.

One of the first things we learned about Graceland is that there are no secrets in Graceland—and the second thing we learned was that Briggs is apparently the exception to all the rules.

It picks up where we left off last week with Briggs at a Narcs Anonymous meeting, and he continues on with his little confession speech despite having spotted Mike there, and he takes him outside for a little explanation. Apparently a few years back, during his mysterious vacation, Briggs went to Mexico to try and bust a drug cartel even though he wasn’t supposed to, and ended up getting captured. His captors then proceeded to turn him into a heroin addict, with the intent to get him found out by the FBI and have all of his cases re-opened. The FBI, before then, had obviously not gotten any wind of that, and Briggs claims that he’s clean.

But, again, this is Briggs, so who knows how much of that story is actually true.

After that, Mike and him both go back to Graceland and make up some story about where they were, and Mike starts on again in his job with Bello. It turns out that Bello is putting out some dangerous replacements for the drugs he lost, which could kill people—and Mike doesn’t really want to be responsible for that. And, since Charlie has been trying to get in with a heroin dealer, Odin, who she can’t even get a look at, Briggs suggests that Mike get Bello to hook up with Odin so they can kill two birds with one stone.

Briggs offers to be the middle man in this transaction, so Mike, Paige, Charlie, and Johnny all stake out while Briggs waits for Bello. But when Bello shows up, Briggs transmitting watch shuts off, so the other agents can’t hear the conversation—and it’s because Briggs purposely turned it off, so he can tell Bello that apparently Briggs himself is Odin, and he makes the deal. By the time Charlie catches up with him, Bello is already gone, and Briggs makes up some story about Odin not showing and Bello getting fed up and leaving.

Also, throughout various conversations at the house, it’s revealed to the audience that the safehouse Briggs took Charlie to while she was recovering from her stint with heroin was actually Briggs’ own apartment. Which, remember, has a stash of heroin in it.

Meanwhile, there’s a little sub plot going on with Mike and his girlfriend, whom Paige and Johnny both insist that Mike break up with, but he doesn’t want to do that. And we also learn that Jakes apparently has a son that he’s not supposed to keep in contact with, and Jakes just finds the mother’s current partner to get information about the boy since he can’t ask himself. So obviously Jakes has some attachments outside of Graceland—and he advises that Mike keep his relationship with the girl going.

The episode ends with Mike telling his supervisor about Briggs’ drug addiction, and insisting that Briggs is actually a good agent and they should help him, not punish him.

But, Briggs wasn’t telling the whole truth, was he? He’s definitely not as clean as Mike thinks, and what with the story about Odin, his excuse for getting addicted to heroin might not hold any weight either.

It’s just a big mess of who is worth trusting or not, and no doubt the series is going to get even more complicated as the season goes on.

Catch the next episode of Graceland on August the 8th at 10/9c, only on USA

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