'Under the Dome' Episode 1.02 "Into the Fire"


As of this morning over 30M people have seen the premiere of Under the Dome. They saw when the dome came down. They were witness to the tragedy that occurred when a plane unknowingly flew in to the barrier. They watched as victim after victim flooded the under staffed hospital. Now the only question is will those viewers return to the town of Chester’s Mill and the townspeople trapped inside? I guess we will find out tomorrow, but in the meantime for those of us who did tune in the ride did not stop.

In fact it kept right on going full speed a head. If the show keeps up a this clip it runs the risk of never losing my attention. I know horrible, right? That’s just what they want, a viewer who doesn’t get bored.

utdmikevogel“Into the Fire” starts things off with shedding some more light on to Barbie the military vet turned enforcer rumble with Julia’s husband. As it turns out Mr. Julia (yes I forgot his name and yes I could go to IMDb, but I’m too lazy) was in to some shady business. All we know is he owed some money to some probably not so nice guys and Barbie was just there to collect. See, nice guy. So nice in fact that when he was almost caught by a cop, who was starting to show signs of going dome crazy, he didn’t protest when he was voluntold by Ofc. Linda to go with her to help put out the fire over at Sheriff Duke’s house.

A fire, by the way, that was set accidentally on purpose by a drugged out Reverend who just so happened to be searching for evidence that would implicate him and Big Jim in some grand propane hoarding scheme. Ok so it is probably not a propane hoarding scheme, but that’s all I got now so I’m running with it until I discover otherwise. Unfortunately for dear old Rev. when he accidentally on purpose set the fire he also managed to trap himself in the room. Yes Rev, the Lord does work in mysterious ways.

Too bad Linda had to show up and rescue him. Ok that was a little mean of me, but come on he is obviously not a good guy. Nor is his partner in crime Big Jim or is he? I can’t figure out Big Jim. Is he a straight up bad guy? Is he a straight up good guy? Is he one of those annoying anti-heroes that are all the rage now-a-days? Obviously he is shady there is no doubt about that, but he did come up with the idea to get the bulldozer from the guy who was going to dig his way out to tear down Duke’s house and save the rest of the town from turning in to an inferno.

under_the_dome_0Unfortunately for Ofc. Freddy no one was able to predict when Ofc. Crazy was going to lose it and decide to shoot at an impenetrable barrier. Because you see when you shoot a gun at a barrier that allows nothing through the bullet will richochet off and hits innocent bystanders. The idiot. It hadn’t even been a full 24 hours and the guy lost it already? What I want to know if he was that close to cuckoo’s nest how in the heck did he pass the pysch test given by the police department when he joined the force?

Speaking of crazy, Junior, you crazy freaking loon you. Are you going to stalk and attempt to kill every guy you think Angie has talked to or screwed? Cause if you are I have a feeling your days are going to be busy. No judgement. Angie is a cool chick when not chained to a bed. Oh hell she’s a cool chick even with being held captive underground.

Luckily for Angie she is in a town full of insanely, in a good way, smart people. Not only did Dodee manage to find a way to hear what the military was saying (am I the only one who heard something about lasers?) she is also 3 credits shy of earning her Master’s in Engineering. That is not too shabby if you ask me. Between her and Trig boy, Joe mapping the dome out those two might just save the whole damn town.

But hopefully not for at least another 11 episodes.


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