True Blood – Who Are You, Really? – Recap


True Blood wasted no time at all getting right back into the swing of things. The episode picked up right where it left off. The rise and fall of Bill Compton. Welcome Billith. The bloody, crazy, intense, and hilarious show we know and love is back.

Who Are You, Really?” Recap:

Right off the bat, we see Billith emerge from a pile of goo and Sookie and Eric are hauling ass out of there. Poor Sookie slips and falls into some more goo. There’s just goo everywhere at this point. The entire group is freaking out over the monster that Bill Compton has become. Things get even weirder when Billith sets the place on fire and rises into the air and flies away. Are any of them safe?

True Blood Who Are You ReallyAs if they didn’t have enough to worry about, the governor of Louisiana has basically declared war on vampires. If there’s anyone you should fear, it’s politicians. I especially loved the group of dedicated supporters with a “GOD HATES FANGS” sign. Very funny. The governor has imposed a new curfew that will require all vampires to be indoors or underground after a certain time. He has also called for all vampire run businesses to close. Does this mean the end for Fangtasia? If that isn’t enough, he encourages the public to stock up on guns and wooden bullets. This guy will probably be responsible for half the bloodshed this season.

In other news, Luna dies for what seems like the 4th time to me. It looks like this time it’s sticking as Sam has taken her kid and is hiding out in Merlottes with a drunk Lafayette.

Andy is trying to adjust to life with a litter of hybrid babies. He doesn’t think he’ll be a good daddy and Arlene is not here for that crap. Together, her and Terry try to help the new father. None of them are at all prepared when Andy’s new babies begin to age rapidly. Think of the money they’ll save on diapers.

Alcide’s storyline is, unfortunately, still the most boring. He becomes pack master, eats an arm, and has a threesome. That’s pretty much it.

Billith summons Jessica in a most painful way. She’s spewing up blood and feeling like her heart is being torn out. They all make their way to Bill’s where a confrontation is soon underway. He’s calmly chilling on his porch until Eric and Nora show up, fangs out, and Sookie stakes Bill through the heart. He yanks it right out. Looks like it’s going to take more than that to kill Bill. Jessica is the only one on his side and decides to stay with him. Bill claims the old him is still there, but is he? Towards the end of the episode, we see Bill getting seemingly possessed by three more Lillith like creatures.

Sookie is slowly ending up alone. She rescinds Eric’s home invite after he returns ownership of the house over to her. Jason disowns her for her vampire loving ways and ends up hitchhiking home. The driver of the car is so obviously Warlowe that I’m not even surprised when he reveals himself. I just thought he’d drive something more fashionable than a station wagon.

Funniest Quotes of the Night:

Lafayette: That was some of the sickest sh*t I’d ever seen and I watch Dance Moms.

Andy: Aw, hog tits Arlene!

Pam: I hate the beach. Fish piss and sand in your cooch.


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