The Runaround Debut New Album 'Without All The Weight'

The Runaround


Pop-rock Connecticut-based band, The Runaround’s debut album, Without All the Weight, is out now!  WATW was produced, mixed and mastered by Gary Cioffi Jr. (Transit/Misser/Sleep City) and engineered by John Dello Iacono at Maximum Sound Studios. The 12-track album was conceived during a time when the band had nothing but each other. The Runaround takes pride in their music and believe the vulnerability they possessed while writing this album led to honest, heartfelt tracks they and their fans can be passionate about.

Without All The Weight [Track Listing]
1. Limbo
2. Without All The Weigh (ft. Mike D’Andrea of Premier)
3. Escaper
4. Annie Can’t Wear Heels To Prom
5. Science Class
6. Swallow My Heart Whole
7. I Bet You The World
8. A Lot To Say
9. I Want To Know
10. One More Thing…
11. ….I’m Not Really Willie Nelson
12. Making Something Out Of Nothing


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