Teen Wolf Episode 3.04 "Unleashed"

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Last episode, Derek nearly died as he tried to stop his two feral betas (one of which is his long lost little sister) from killing his potential love interest. This week, more murders occur and there’s a confrontation between Derek and Deucalion.

The episode begins with Scott and Dr. Deaton treating a client’s dog, Bullet. Scott pets Bullet who rolls over to reveal his tummy like a sign of submission, and his owner then says, “Looks like he knows who the Alpha is.” This, of course, disturbs both Scott and Deaton while also serving as some blatant foreshadowing. Afterwards, Bullet’s owner tries to convince him to get in the car, but the little dog runs off. His owner follows him into a dark alleyway and does the typical horror movie routine until he crouches down next to a dumpster to listen to the creepy disembodied whispering. Meanwhile Scott finds a mistletoe berry in a sample of Bullet’s stool, which is poisonous to both dogs and humans (how helpful). The next day at school, Derek is waiting for Ms Blake in her classroom, who threatens him with a flimsy wooden pointer, scared that he’s going to kill her. They chat amiably with a nice amount of flirty subtext, and she tells Derek that her name is Jennifer, to which he pauses dramatically to on his way out of the door before continuing on.


Scott tells Stiles that Bullet’s owner went missing, and Stiles wonders if the guy was a virgin like all of the other victims thus far. Scott makes a horribly lame joke, and Stiles freaks out over the fact that he’s still a virgin and he could be next, dramatically announcing that somebody needs to ‘sex him up’. Danny, who has been standing behind them the whole time, offers to help out and says that he likes to cuddle. Of course it’s a joke, but really, why would you joke about sleeping with that hyperactive hottie? Isaac comes back to school, finally, on the day of Cross Country (doesn’t that suck?). As Isaac’s doing up his shoes, the Alpha twins come up behind him and he realizes who they are; when the whistle blows the three of them take off far ahead of everyone else. The two set up a trap for Isaac and are attacking him when Scott comes to the rescue, the two betas against the two Alphas. Luckily their werewolf showdown was stalled due to a scream and another dead body tied to a tree, the threefold death, strangled with Bullet’s collar. Isaac is convinced that the Alpha twins know something about the deaths, but Stiles argues that the kills have “a lack of werewolfitude” and thinks that they are just as clueless.

In Derek’s loft, Cora is working out in a very Derek-like manner, and she then attempts to get Derek to fight her, but he refuses. Cora gets angry, saying that she was so excited when she heard the news that a Hale survived the fire and was creating a pack. However an alarm sounds when Kali and Ennis show up, and the four get into a fight, ending within seconds with Ennis subduing Cora and Kali having stabbed Derek through the back with a metal pole. Deucalion enters and chats casually with an impaled Derek, saying that he was so powerful because he’d killed his own pack, as had Kali and the other Alphas. He wants Derek to do the same to his own pack.

Not now honey, Mommy's busy!
Not now honey, Mommy’s busy!

At school, Allison and Ms Morrell have a little showdown in class, while Harris is teaching in Scott and Isaac’s class. Isaac gets angry and asks to go to the bathroom and hurries out to the hallway where the Alpha twins are waiting. Aiden begins to beat up Ethan, who then throws himself at Isaac’s feet when the bell goes to make it look like Isaac beat him up. Lydia turns down Aiden for a date, and he looks pissed off. Stiles confronts Ashley, the girlfriend of the latest victim, and asks if he was a virgin – she slaps him and says that he wasn’t, so the so-called pattern is either not a pattern or it’s changing.

At lunchtime detention, Allison is paired with Isaac, and asks him not to mention that she was at the school during Fireflies. He’s still angry at her for stabbing him multiple times, and she apologizes. They hear a bang and find themselves locked in the supply closet, unable to get out. Isaac freaks out with a bout of claustrophobia, pounding on the door as he flashed back to the times that his father locked him in the freezer. He wolfs out and nearly hurts Allison when Scott comes in to save the day and snaps Isaac out of it. They plan a revenge plot to get the Alpha twins angry. A memorial is created at the victim – Kyle’s – locker, and Boyd approaches and adds something to it. Stiles greets him and is happy that he’s back, and Boyd mentions that Stiles isn’t his friend, and the only friend he had is now dead (excuse me while I sob). Stiles lays out his theory to Lydia about the killings, how they come in groups of threes, and Lydia mentions that it’s impossible to discern a pattern from only one data point, and they need another victim. Allison hotwires the Alpha twins’ bikes and teaches Isaac how to ride it (with mysterious sexual tension that might be there because the actors are actually dating), while Scott arrives in Ms Blake’s class and pulls out some motorcycle parts. Aiden becomes enraged and runs into the hallway where Isaac’s parked his motorbike. With some unnecessary parkour, Isaac flips out of the way just as the students come out to see what’s happening, and Ms Blake mentions that this will get Aiden a suspension. Scott, Isaac and Allison are smugly grinning in the corner.

Apparently he's meant to be impressive here
Apparently he’s meant to be impressive here

At the loft, Deucalion mentions that Derek looks like his mother, and then gives the most dramatic of all speeches ever made, proclaiming himself as the DEMON WOLF accompanied by lightning and thunder, and it was honestly a little embarrassing to watch. (Seriously Deuc, you couldn’t have come up with anything better than that?) Back at school, Lydia is distractedly drawing a tree when Danny mentions that she’s in music class, which she doesn’t take. She freaks out and sees an iPod which she plays, and hears some weird chanting. Stiles goes to see Dr. Deaton, who explains with his mysterious knowledge that everything is related back to the Druids, including the mistletoe and the threefold deaths. Deaton explains that the killer isn’t a Druid but is copying them very well. Lydia calls Stiles, who goes with Deaton to the school to get some more evidence. Deaton explains that each group of three killings would have it’s own similarities – virgins, healers, warriors, etc. Stiles remembers on Kyle’s memorial that there were army pictures, and Lydia mentions that Mr Harris has a military connection. He’s marking papers when the chanting starts. Isaac and Scott are confronted by the mutant double-Alpha when Deucalion arrives and tells them off; when Stiles, Lydia and Deaton arrive in Mr Harris’ class, he’s gone, but he’s spelled out DARACH by marking the papers. Deaton explains that it means ‘dark oak’, the way the Druids described someone who went down the wrong path.

Derek tells Isaac that he has to move out of the loft, not explaining that it’s because he’s in danger just by being near him when Deucalion wants Derek to kill him, and the only way he can get him out is to throw a bottle at Isaac, throwing him into another flashback. He shakily leaves to go to Scott’s while Derek tries to maintain his composure. Outside, Mr Harris is tied to a tree, begging, telling the killer that he did everything that they asked and that they still need him; a fact proved wrong when the garrote is tightened and he is killed.

This episode is only giving us more questions and no answers, pulling us deeper into this season’s mysteries, and I’m anxious to see where this plot continues to go, especially with the introduction of Cora Hale.

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