Pretty Little Liars – Cat's Cradle – Recap


I can’t decide if the girls should feel lucky that they aren’t A’s only targets anymore. Then again, it does seem like A’s latest targets are the Moms of Rosewood eaither. What did they ever do to deserve A’s wrath? Will A succeed in taking them down?

Check out our recap of tonight’s new episode of Pretty Little Liars: “Cat’s Cradle.”



Now when I said the Moms were being targeted, I didn’t mean the girls had nothing else to worry about. While in the police station, Hanna notices a web of clues with all of their pictures on it as well as everyone and anyone that ever had any connection to Wilden. It was kind of nice seeing all the old faces from previous seasons again, even if they were only on a board of clues.

Ella, by far, has the best problem out of all the moms. She has to mull an offer to fly off to Vienna for a year with her hot pastry chef of a boyfriend. I would love that problem. At the end of the day, Aria encourages her mom to go, probably to protect her from A.

Toby and Spencer spend the episode investigating Radley to see what they can find out about Toby’s mother. Based on the previews, I really didn’t expect this scene to be so boring. I’m not sure anything at all came out of it other than Spencer assuming his mother didn’t jump on her own. Not much of a surprise.

Emily and her mom are having problems of their own. Emily has a horrible poker face and it’s not long before Mrs. Fields finds out that Emily stole her pills. She confronts Emily at school and gets a little rough in her anger. It’s not long before A calls family services about the incident and Emily’s family is being investigated for possible abuse.

Melissa is back in town! Hurray for everyone’s favorite creepy sister. I don’t know what to think about Melissa but I find her conversation with Spencer intriguing. She asks Spencer who she would choose if she had to choose between her and someone else she loved. Then Melissa points out how much they have in common. Is Melissa as suspicious as the show is making her out to be?

The girls find an Ali mask in a box of Alison’s old things and track it back to the artist that created it. They discover that multiple masks were made and the mold was broken when he was finished. But that’s not all they find. Hanna finds a mold that was used to create a Melissa mask. Does that mean she wasn’t on the train that night? Was it just someone in a Melissa mask? Should we be worried that Emily posed for her own mold?

Poor Hanna. She’s trying so desperately this episode to prove her mother’s innocence. Unfortunately for her, she discovers lie upon lie about her mom’s trip to New York. Caleb takes it upon himself to visit Hanna’s dad for advice. He confides in Caleb that Ashley visited him that night asking for money. When he wouldn’t give it to her, she left. When he checked his office, his gun was missing.

Was Ashley being blackmailed? Did she want to hire a hitman and decided to just finish the job herself? At this point, I really want Ashley to have done it. This show is famous for writing a plot for most of a season, only to have it mean nothing by the season finale. It would be much more interesting if this wasn’t a red herring.

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