Web Series of the Week 'Little Mosque'


Little Mosque is a comedy that originally aired on the Canadian channel CBC from 2007-2012 as Little Mosque on the Praire.  However Hulu brought the series stateside beginning in May of 2012.  Unfortunately it wasn’t until I was checking out the recently resurrected One Life to Live that I discovered this little comedic gem.  Little Mosque centers around the Muslim community in a small Canadian town trying to make their way.  Little Mosque doesn’t shy away from addressing stereotypes from either side of the line and although it does not claim for a moment to try and educate viewers that is exactly what it does.  For those of us who know very little about what it means to be a Muslim it quite successfully shows us that in the end they are no different from any other community.  I’m looking forward to catching up with this entire series.


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