‘The Vampire Diaries’ Episode 4.21 Recap: “She’s Come Undone”

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“I am the girl that you love. You wouldn’t do anything to actually hurt me. You just proved that.” ~ Elena

Stefan and Damian are still determined to get Elena to flick the humanity switch – and they’ll try anything. Torture, mind games, starvation, and even a chat with Caroline. They remove Elena’s daylight ring and open the curtains, setting Elena alight before quickly dousing the flames. Ouch. But Elena’s not budging and calls their bluff, throwing herself into the sunlight. Of course, both Salvatore brothers rush to save her, proving to her that they wouldn’t really hurt her. When they realize their humanity-flick-switch boot camp is a fail, they rope in Katherine.

Elena, Damon, Stefan“Oh, honey, you look awful.” ~ Katherine

The two vamp girls share a bitchy catfight and a few home truths that appears to rattle Katherine more than it does Elena. Katherine purposefully leaves the door unlocked for Elena to escape. Elena bolts into the woods but she’s weak and doesn’t get very far. Matt finds her and she’s quick to use him as a meals on wheels. Damon and Stefan arrive and in a final attempt to get her to turn on her humanity, Damon snaps Matt’s neck. The loss of Matt jars the reaction they hoped for but when Elena realizes that Matt’s wearing the ring that’ll bring him back to life, her relief is huge and at long last, her humanity returns. Lots of tears, sadness, and regret. Stefan reaches out to her and manages to calm her. A sad moment for this trio with a powerful song choice.

Bonnie“Lying, scheming, and a secret rendezvous with moi. Not very Bonnie Bennetty, especially when Elena needs her favorite witch.” ~ Katherine

Bonnie’s on her own mission to drop the veil on the other side and she’s opted for an odd choice of partners. Katherine. Bonnie wants the tomb stone and Katherine has it. She wants to buy time before the full moon and the two strike a deal. The tomb stone for a spell that will grant Katherine freedom and survival.

“You’re the only one who can do the spell so I can’t hurt you, but I can hurt the people you love.” ~ Silas

Klaus and CarolineSilas is up to his old tricks again, body switching at whim, and driving Caroline crazy in an attempt to track Bonnie. First he appears as Klaus, toys with her and stabs her. Then he appears as Matt before switching to Klaus again, along with Klaus’s familiar threat of “do it or I’ll kill everyone you’ve ever loved”. Poor Caroline. She races home to her mother, only to have Silas beat her to it. Bonnie arrives and is quick to see through Silas who has hurt Sherriff Forbes and is appearing to be her. Instead, Sheriff Forbes is unconscious on the living room floor. Caroline is devastated and whips out all the vamp tricks she can think of to bring her mother back. Fortunately, she does. (Love Sheriff Forbes!)

“It all comes down to her. Katherine.” ~ Elena

Elena is charged with newfound energy and declares war on Katherine. Now this might be an interesting catfight. Watch out, Katherine.

Points to Ponder …

What’s Bonnie up to? She says she’s going to help Silas but clearly, she’s up to something. And what’s her reason for still wanting to drop the veil to the other side? (Doesn’t that just sound so creepy?)

Matt and Rebekah have shared some sweet moments lately – could this be a possible fling in the making? An odd couple, but with the lack of romance in the show this season, I’m for any romance at this point!

As for Elena, I can’t help feel relieved that she’s finally got her humanity back. She’s flipped from one extreme to the other in this season. Tearful and pathetic to uncaring and heartless. It would be nice to see her find a happy medium. As for her vendetta against Katherine … I’m not sure if she’ll win the fight against this experienced vamp girl, but one thing’s for sure, it’ll be fun to watch her try!

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