Person of Interest – God Mode – Recap

Person of Interest-Season-Finale-God Mode

Person of Interest ALWAYS delivers when it comes to these big episodes. I was so, so, so, so right. This episode was FANTASTIC. It was so good. And it took my heart and broke it into a million pieces and then tossed it into a blender where the writers had it for a drink like they were dining on the set of True Blood. This episode was so jam packed with action, suspense, and the right amount of emotion that I barely had time to register Jim Caviezel’s beauty during the hour. When I’m that distracted, you know it’s an amazing episode.

Bravo, writers. Bravo.

Can You Hear Me?

Yes. Yes, we can Machine. And we’re thrilled you have another bag of tricks up your sleeve. Root and John seem to be joint admins right now and are enjoying having “God” on their side. The Machine begins to tell them different times but what it’s really telling them is the location of their imminent threats. So they can protect themselves. The Machine is protecting them and doing everything from finding them cars, giving them directions and finding Finch a new pair of glasses. This is so cool.

The fun doesn’t last that long. Believe me. This episode is about to get real in so many ways. Finch is off with Root desperately trying to find the location of the Machine. She finds the last person alive who can tell them the Machine’s whereabouts but he’s quickly killed by the same evil government guys Shaw and Root used to work for. But it’s okay. Finch has been holding out on her. He knows where it is and we’re heading to Portland. More on that later.

Carter, Elias, and Bear. Oh My.

Meanwhile, in plots that have nothing to do with The Machine and people will probably forget by tomorrow: Carter is being threatened by HR and their goon squad and she’s not taking any of their crap. When she hears that they’re going to take out Elias, what does she do? She puts on a ski mask and guns them all down to save him. They make a cute odd couple. Oh yeah, and Bear is hanging out with Leon.

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are.

The gang heads to Portland where the Machine was known to be last. At a faux nuclear facility that is actually just a storage place for it. When Root opens that door, I’m not sure what I’m expecting to see. I was not expecting to see an empty room and one single guy who’s just chilling. He could have been playing Angry Birds on his phone for all I know. I immediately had a flashback to Ben Linus taking John Locke to see an empty cabin in search of Jacob.

The Machine is gone. It somehow figured out how to protect itself and move itself. Harold already set it free. He planted a virus within the virus in the hopes that if anyone ever did try to steal it, he would still have some sort of control over it.

Person of Interest God Mode 2

Give My Heart a Break

Well. Here we go. Earlier in the episode, John and Shaw located a safe in the library containing the pictures of the people Nathan originally tried to save on his own, including Jessica. Harold kept these things to remind himself why he does the things he does. But why else?

Nathan, fed up with not being able to save people, was preparing to talk to a journalist about the Machine. Finch tries to warn Nathan that he may be killed for talking but he doesn’t listen. Harold agrees to meet him on a ferry the next day to accompany him. What they don’t know is that those same bad guys know all about his plans and have arranged for a suicide bomber to thwart them.

Nathan barely has a chance to greet his friend before boom. Harold wakes up in a hospital, confused, and in a lot of pain. The origin of his injury and his limp. Not worrying about himself, he calls out for his friend, desperate to know he’s okay. He looks over and sees that Nathan didn’t make it. On the other side of the room, Grace has walked in distraught that her fiance is missing. When she cries over the book Harold used to propose to her I just about lost it.

Harold leaves the hospital and asks the Machine if it knew. Harold realizes that Nathan was the last number on the irrelevant list. He could have been saved. Now, it all makes sense.

This entire scene was amazing. Well done writers. And well done Mr. Emerson. I hope another Emmy is in your future.

New Questions

There are several new questions for season 3. Who is the mysterious “Ma’am” that the bad guys are answering to? Where is the Machine now? Now that Root and the boys have received yet another phone call, will they be working together next season?

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