Nashville 1×18 Make Things Right

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Well, I think I speak for all of us when I say OH MY GOD.  What an episode!

Take These Chains From My Heart had lots of movement on most of our major storylines.

Let’s start with Rayna and Deacon. The chemistry between these two is spectacular, isn’t it? The episode started off with Deacon happily playing house with Stacey and hosting Scarlett for dinner, while Rayna was getting cozy (read: going to “second base”) with Liam at the studio. Rayna convinces Liam to play guitar for her Nashville show and Liam invites Rayna on a getaway to St. Lucia. Rayna fails to come up with a solid reason not to go, and eventually gives in and agrees to go on the trip. That night at the show, the fans request an old Rayna/Deacon number and Rayna tells them Liam doesn’t know the old songs. But, wait! He does! Liam starts playing and Deacon watches from the front row as Rayna and Liam sing one of the songs that he wrote with Rayna years ago. They look pretty damn friendly up there, too. There is no greater plot device to light a fire under someone’s ass than jealousy. Deacon cannot handle watching these two, so he leaves Stacey by herself to go get some water…and never comes back. Stacey isn’t stupid, and figures out that his quick departure was all to do with Rayna. Deacon admits to still having feelings for Rayna, but says he still wants to try and make it work with Stacey. Stacey doesn’t know what to do with this information (who would?) and she leaves, saying she needs some time to think. Rayna sees Stacey’s exit and asks Deacon what’s wrong. Deacon doesn’t beat around the bush. He looks her straight in the eyes and says: YOU. But, right then Liam shows up to whisk Rayna away to a tropical island. “You should call Stacey and make things right,” Rayna says, as she leaves Deacon standing there alone.

Rayna goes home to pack, but realizes she can’t run away with Liam when she and Deacon are finally both ready and available at the same time. She shows up at his door and professes her love for him. He, rightfully, tells her she can’t just tell him to get back with Stacey one minute and then show up like this the next. She turns to leave, and Deacon whispers in his most sexy, brooding, Deacon voice “hey.” And then the magic happens. Fiiiinally. But happily ever after seems like an unlikely place to go from here. What’s in store for Rayna and Deacon? What new obstacles will fall in their way? Previews for next week’s episode suggest that Rayna has some secret. What do you think it is?

nashville 2Meanwhile, Juliette’s boyfriend/manager, Dante, turns out to be a master con-artist who swindled Juliette out of half a million dollars. This storyline would have been a lot easier to stomach if Dante wasn’t so over-the-top horrible in every way. It was almost impossible to believe that Juliette didn’t see him a little more clearly. I know the girl is self-centered, and I know he appealed to her god complex and fed her all the lines she wanted to hear, but watching him be so absurdly rude to Deacon should have been a red flag. Not to mention the way that he treated Jolene whose well-being and sobriety nobody really seemed to give a damn about. If she didn’t drink herself into oblivion after being having drugs planted on her and being made to feel like she hallucinating kisses, I’ll be shocked.

The bad news is that now Juliette feels she can’t trust anyone (as if she needed any reinforcement in this area) and I fear she’s going to be even more difficult to be around now that she’s been used so badly. Deacon has had about enough of her and up until now, he’s been the one guy who she can count on. So, I’m thinking Juliette’s about to hit a bit of a rough patch. I’m hoping maybe she can fall back on her relationship with her mother. If Jolene is up to the task, a mom might be just what Juliette needs right about now. (The good news, in case you wanted some, is that I think we may be done with Dante.)

And then there’s Scarlett and Gunnar. Scarlett finally finds the courage to explain to Rayna that she doesn’t want to be a solo act, she wants to be one part of Scarlett and Gunnar. Rayna obviously understands because she couldn’t have been Rayna Jaymes without Deacon Claybourne. But, as it turns out, Gunnar’s not interested in being part of that duo anymore. He’s having too much fun running around with Will, singing lyrics his brother wrote, and getting phone numbers from adoring females. Will is the real master of attracting the ladies and he’s taking it upon himself to teach Gunnar the trade. This bromance has felt intimate from the get-go and as it turns out, Will’s bragging about how smooth he is with women may just be his way of hiding the fact that he really likes to kiss the boys. He feels out the situation with Gunnar and thinks the time is right to make his move – but he was wrong. Gunnar does not take it well (he takes it horribly, actually. And he’s mean. Really, really mean). I’m hopeful that next week Gunnar will apologize and explain that he was just caught by surprise. Poor Will must be very lonely.

I’m not sure what the future holds for Gunnar and Scarlett. He is clearly dealing with some major issues since his brother’s death, and he seems tonashville 1 be having a hard time connecting to the things that used to make him happy. So, we’ll have to wait and see if he can work his way back to making music with Scarlett. I think if he can’t their relationship isn’t long for this world. Which is interesting, because Avery has hit rock bottom and it’s turned him into more of a human being, reminding Scarlett of the guy she fell in love with. So…maybe that’ll be a thing again? I kinda hope not, but who knows. I wouldn’t mind seeing Avery find someone new though. Thoughts on this?

Lastly, Lamar is home from the hospital and unhappy with Tandy for telling Teddy about Peggy’s betrayal (now what will he use for blackmail??). Tandy is sick of working for her dad and being unappreciated and decides it’s time to team up with Coleman. First order of business – get Teddy out of the mayor’s office.

Comments? Thoughts? Leave em for me! Only two episodes left til the finale. See you back here next week.

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