Glee 4.22 – "All or Nothing"


If you’re looking for a show with no continuity, drawn out and pointless story lines, where your favorite characters and story lines are ignored, then GLEE IS THE SHOW FOR YOU!

I have seen every episode of Glee, I own almost all the music, and I am/was an active member of the fandom. And this, was one of the worst episodes ever. This was the SEASON FINALE. The time to set up next year’s arcs, and to wrap this season up. Yes, season finales can always use a good cliff hanger, but this was not it. But let’s talk about the episode anyway.

In New York: Rachel sings a song. That’s it. Really. That’s all. It’s technically her callback, but we don’t see any results.

In Lima: Britt is at MIT and it turns out she’s a genius with numbers and now she has early admission and that gives her the right to be a giant butthole. In the first half of the episode she just walks around doing crazy stuff and it’s hard to tell what she’s doing. Then Sam calls Santana and Santana and Brittney don’t even talk about anything and then she’s crying? It’s hard to explain how weird it was. I don’t know if maybe this was Glee’s goodbye to Heather Morris (who’s pregnant in real life, so may not be returning next season) or … I don’t know what else it could be.

Ryder is threatening not to perform unless the catfish announces his/her presence. Marley stands up and announces it’s her (after Ryder kicks a lot? (okay Finn)), but it’s not really her, it’s Unique! He got hateful, which okay, understandable, but it was a weird scene and it made me uncomfortable (as a lot of things have these past couple weeks).


Blaine still wants to propose and everyone is against it, except a lesbian who owns the jewelry store where he’s shopping for an engagement ring (in the same store where season 3’s Santa Baby was filmed) and they end up going out to dinner with Kurt/Blaine JewelryStoreOwner/Partner. The jewelry story owner proposes and Kurt reinforces the fact that Blaine and Kurt are still not Klaine. My sources were wrong and Klaine is not back together.

Joe and Sugar reappear just in time to compete in regionals, and even though this is THE LAST EPISODE OF THE SEASON New Directions some how pulls a win. They don’t deserve the win, but they get it.


This was one of the most frustrating episodes of television I have every seen. I have no clue what Glee is going to do next. We didn’t see the seniors graduate, and they still have nationals. I guess we’ll see that in the fall? This was  hard review to write because it was a hard episode to swallow.

Let me know if you were as disappointed as I was, or if you enjoyed it!



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