Glee 4.21 – "Wonder-ful"


As far as tribute episodes go, this wasn’t the best. I personally root for Brittney Spears, because come on? Who doesn’t love Brittney?! But this tribute to Stevie Wonder had absolutely nothing to do with Stevie Wonder.

In New York: Rachel is all alone! At least, Kurt is in Lima, and Santana is nowhere to be seen ( 🙁 ) , So it’s just our Gold Star who is ready for her callback to Funny Girl. (As a huge Audrey fan I always want to type Funny Face, sorry in advance if I fudge up). We don’t see call backs, but instead Cassandra July reappears. Rachel’s dance midterm is the same night as the call backs and we see that Cassandra July isn’t really evil. As we learn from Glee, no one is REALLY evil. Not Dave, Sue, Sebastian,Brody,  Santana, no one. So this wasn’t too big of a surprise. Instead she gets a party in true Rachel Berry fashion, where everyone celebrates her.421-011-glee-wonder-ful_352

Back in Lima: The first couple seconds are wrapping everything up. The end of this season seems so rushed. In the first three sentences we find out where people are going to college, and all about regionals.

Artie is making excuses for why he doesn’t want to go to film school in New York (I guess Kevin McHale is staying on the cast). Either he’s scared or his mom’s scared, or he’s scared for his mom? What is really important about this is his guide through this scariness is Kitty! Any shippers out there?

Kurt’s back in Lima to find out if Burt’s cancer is gone, and it is. He get’s super superstitious and it just feels like an excuse for the Glee club to sing Superstitious but I don’t really mind.

Blaine is asking permission to marry Kurt and handing out rainbow flags (Burt accepts the flag, not the proposal).  But Burt and Blaine have a sweet little talk, and it makes me happy to see Blaine with a fatherly figure who’s not Shue.

Picture 200

Mercedes is in town and suddenly has a record deal, but she won’t take her clothes off, so she really doesn’t. It’s cliché.

Jacob is a feature dancer, and has a little duet with Mike, who is ALSO in town, and while he’s amazing, he dulls in comparison of Harry Shum Jr..

Odds and Ends

  • #gleehatesgirls
  • I love seeing our original cast back together, it makes my heart all happy
  • SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER  My sources (tumblr) say Blaine and Kurt will be getting back together in the next episode SPOILER SPOILER


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