The Voice: Post Battle-Rounds: Interview with Sasha Allen – Now on Team Shakira

The Voice

Sasha Allen is one of Team Shakira’s steals on this season of The Voice – the other being Karina Iglesias. We spoke with New Yorker Sasha Allen via conference call after the battle rounds earlier this week to talk about the move, having to decide between Usher and Shakira, and what influenced her final decision. Read the interview below, and follow Sasha Allen on Twitter: @sashaallenmusic.

The Voice - Season 4You were the first battle of the season, and also the first steal. In the minute before, when you thought you’re about to leave, what did that feel like – having the buttons pressed for you?

Well of course, it was a major relief to know that I wasn’t leaving only because I feel like I have so much more to share and so much more to give. And for it to end right there would’ve been – would’ve just felt like I didn’t do what I was supposed to do. So to have another chance to really, you know, show what I got; of course, relief. It’s a complete relief.

You were stolen by Shakira. What do you hope to get from working with Shakira versus working with Adam?

I hope to get a female perspective. I hope to get – I think she’s amazing. I think she has amazing performance – she’s an amazing performer. And so I hope that she can take what I have and nurture that. And it just seemed like she would be the perfect person for that.

What went through your mind when you had to decide between Usher and Shakira?

I wanted to say, “Time out.” I wanted to say, “Hold on. Give me a minute. Can I go talk to somebody?” It was really hard and difficult. They both seemed so passionate and so genuinely passionate about what they thought they could do with me. So… it’s a nightmare. Two people that I completely respect. Having to choose; it’s horrible.The Voice - Season 4

Ultimately, what led you to choose Shakira?

At that point, it has to be an instinct. You kind of just go with whatever – it could’ve gone either way, actually to tell you the truth. But then I just thought about the woman aspect of it and what she could really teach me as a woman performer, and then I made my decision.

And is there anything you would’ve changed about your performance if you could do it over again?

I would not change anything. I don’t think that the song was necessarily something that can show everything that I have. And so, I did the best that I could with the song. I think the song is amazing and maybe if I were singing it alone or if we got to sing the whole song, maybe there would’ve been a different income as far as like what I could get. But for those 90 seconds and for sharing, and – I did the best that I could with the song that was chosen for me.

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