Book Review: Stranded by Jeff Probst and Chris Tebbetts



By Jeff Probst and Chris Tebbetts

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Synopsis: A family vacation becomes a game of survival!
It was supposed to be a vacation–and a chance to get to know each other better. But when a massive storm sets in without warning, four kids are shipwrecked alone on a rocky jungle island in the middle of the South Pacific. No adults. No instructions. Nobody to rely on but themselves. Can they make it home alive?

A week ago, the biggest challenge Vanessa, Buzz, Carter, and Jane had was learning to live as a new blended family. Now the four siblings must find a way to work together if they’re going to make it off the island. But first they’ve got to learn to survive one another.



Stranded is a brilliant children’s book that brings ‘Survivor’ back to it’s roots. Remember the days of ‘Survivor’ when they had to go searching for their water source and had to sleep with one eye open for fear of animal attacks? Well if you miss those days, like I do, go grab yourself a copy of Stranded and start reading now.

Stranded, written by Jeff Probst himself, pulls all the action and adventure out of ‘Survivor’ and puts it into a realistic adventure for kids. Four siblings were sent on a sailing trip with their uncle, so they could relax and bound as a new family. It didn’t stay peaceful and pleasant for long, their boat hit a nasty storm leaving the four kids left on an island to survive until they were rescued. While stuck in a real life situation, elements from ‘Survivor’ came into play. Almost immediately after arriving on the island they split up into groups, some of the siblings went to work on finding water and some worked on the shelter. Sound familiar?

Overall I really enojyed reading ‘Stranded.’ It’s very well written, and keeps the audience intrigued and on their toes the entire time. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab a copy of ‘Stranded’ today!

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