Prom vs. Prom: Boy Meets World or The Vampire Diaries?


So, if you haven’t heard, The Vampire Diaries is airing an all-new episode tonight: the much-teased Mystic Falls prom! This prom talk and prom build-up over the last few weeks just makes me think of my all-time favorite prom – and, no, this isn’t an excuse to talk about my own. All you ’90’s kids can probably remember the Boy Meets World prom episode in Season 5: “Prom-ises, Prom-ises”!

Chaperones. LOL.
Chaperones. LOL.

Corey and Shawn took their dates out to prom with “big plans” for ending the night – we know you know what we mean. Of course, typical of the 1990’s family sitcom, Mr. Matthews had “the talk” with the boys before sending them off to meet up with their dates. Still, it didn’t stop Corey and Topanga for deciding to go for it – it’s high school prom, after all. The hilarious comedy that ensued was the perfect way for a family-oriented show to teach a life lesson about “waiting”.

My middle-school self loved that episode so much – but, with all the hype, I am now wondering if Boy Meets World might have to relinquish it’s “top spot” to The Vampire Diaries after tonight’s episode “Pictures of You” airs. Boy Meets World wasn’t unusual, following the normal TV prom requirement: focusing on a bunch of seniors reserving hotel rooms for a night of fun post-prom. Being Mystic Falls, I don’t really see this prom episode quite following that script. Obviously, these Mystic Falls teens do not do “awkward” hook-ups, regardless of the circumstances, so Boy Meets World surely won’t lose that title.

This is how we dress for prom in Mystic Falls.
The #BestDressed winner? You decide.

However, I still can’t help but compare the two – and from what we’ve been teased about the episode – there might be some similarities to look forward to. For one, we know we’ll have the height of prom fashion- which has, fortunately, improved quite a bit since Topanga and Angela’s day. Something Boy Meets World didn’t have? A fight over dresses! Will we see Caroline, Rebekah, and humanity-free Elena going at it over who gets to wear the best dress to prom? Probably.

Also, let’s not forget, Mystic Falls is notorious for lacking proper adult supervision. The hilarity of Boy Meets World having Jack and Eric as chaperones of their little brothers’ high school prom might only be beaten out by Mystic Falls – and their likely lack of any chaperones. After all, we can’t even count on Alaric to be around to tone down the shenanigans. [R.I.P. Alaric.]

That said, half the people going to the Mystic Falls High School prom are well over the proper chaperone age – though I’m not sure how confident we should be if we’re left with considering Damon and Klaus as “adult supervision”. In all, it should make for some fun – though hopefully not too deadly – mishaps.

Prom King and Queen, obviously.
Prom King and Queen, obviously.

Finally, it wouldn’t be prom night without the crowning of the Prom King and Queen. In a weird twist, Corey and Topanga totally won [even though they certainly weren’t the popular kids at school], because, let’s face it, they were the popular kids to us – and that’s what matters. As little sense as that crowning made, I have a feeling “Pictures of You” will have a similar ending.

I mean, as cheer-leading captain and prom committee chair, Caroline Forbes could stand a shot at winning that crown – perhaps with Matt Donovan as king, as he is probably the only one who attends school on a regular basis anymore – but to argue that anyone else stands a chance is laughable. Do the remaining Mystic Falls High School students even know who any of these people are anymore? Of course, let’s not put it past Rebekah to compel her way to the top.

Are we looking at the king and queen of prom?
Mabekah for the win, anyone?

Anyway, needless to say, the human-to-supernatural ratio is likely going to impact the outcome of this latest Mystic Falls event – the likes of which the wholesome Boy Meets World teens could never begin to comprehend. I don’t think we have to remind you that Corey and Topanga didn’t have to worry about a town full of vampires, witches, doppelgangers, and hybrids ruining the evening with spells, death… and a lot of blood.

We’ll have to wait and see if The Vampire Diaries prom will be able to top such a beloved Boy Meets World episode, but I’m definitely not willing to place any bets on that outcome. I think the big question on everyone’s mind for “Pictures of You”: will everyone survive prom night?

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