Interview with The Real World: Portland’s Nia Moore


Nia joined this season of ‘The Real World’ during episode four, after cast-mate Joi left. She’s full of life, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, or cause a little chaos! Read our interview with Nia below, and be sure to follow her on Twitter.

What was the first thing you did after finding out you’d be joining ‘The Real World: Portland’?

“I was actually at work. I was a concierge at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group when Jim called me and was like “how do you feel about coming out to Portland?” I was like don’t fucking play with me! You know, because, they had already called and told me I wasn’t casted two weeks earlier. I thought Jim was kidding when he called me. I was like oh God. Don’t mess with me guys. Once I realized he was serious, I literally grabbed my stuff and went straight to the mall. I don’t think I even clocked out [laughs].”

How much time did you have between the phone call and moving into the Real World house?

“I had NO time! Jim was like “we need you there in 48 hours!” Luckily, at that point in time the only obligations I had was my part time job at Mandarin, and working on my book. So, it was extremely easy for me to pack my whole life up and jump on a plane. I was SO up for it! I love spontaneous things! The whole experience was so exciting to me!”

Did you pretend to have a southern accent because Jess did, or was that always your plan?

“That was so random. I was at the mall when MTV called me and asked me to call the roommates. I was going to be myself and sound normal until I heard Jessica’s accent. I wanted to keep them on their toes! I didn’t look any of the roommates up or anything, so I didn’t know what they looked like. I thought it would be unfair if I told them who I was and what I looked like, since I didn’t know anything about them. So, I wanted that to be a surprise for the both of us! The call was random as hell. It was probably one of my worst lies. I’m normally really good at lying about silly stuff! I’d never lie about anything serious! I thought I had a bad southern accent. It was so spur of the moment. I was trying so hard not to laugh when I was doing it. When Jessica asked me what my ethnicity was so caught me off guard. The first thing that came to mind was just say white, because I’m obviously the oppositie of white. And, then for some weird reason I said Cherokee.”

Since you didn’t research them. What was your first impression of the roommates?

“You know how they were all sitting in the kitchen, I felt like I was walking onto the set of a [scripted] television show. They all had on make up and were dressed nicely. I didn’t know if that’s how they looked every day, but everyone looked really well put together.  They all had huge smiles on their faces. I kept thinking aww this is cute! I was super excited. There was no fear, or nervousness on my part. On their part, they didn’t show fear to me, like infront of my face. But, after seeing the episode, I realized how intimated they were by me.”

How many years have you been plagued by the clothes ghost?

“[Laughs]. That was actually 100% a joke. I don’t always say “just kidding” after a joke. That’s not my sense of humor. If I say something that ridiculous, and people believe me, they’re gullible. I thought the roommates would be like “really bitch?! A clothing ghost?”, but instead some of them were like “ya. I’ve actually had that problem before.” To me it was just funny. I wanted to see how they’d respond to an awkward situation, especially with someone they don’t know. The situation was one versus six. I thought they’d laugh at me, but they didn’t. So, instead of saying “just kidding”, I decided to keep the ruse up. I just thought, wow, fucking weirdoes!”

What was it like seeing yourself on TV?

“It was cool! I had done a TV show the month before RW called “The Choice”. It was a one day dating show. It was sort of a rip off from ‘The Voice”. It was fun celebrity dating show. I did that to get over my stage fright. The one thing I can say is I definitely should have worked out more before going onto RW!  But, since I didn’t know I was going to Portland, I was just eating my regular food. I ate fast food everyday.”

From the previews, MTV portrayed you as the “crazy new roommate”, but after seeing your first episode you’re really relatable and down to earth. Did you like how the episode portrayed you?

“I loved it! At first, when I saw the promos I was like “okay…here we go!” The things they show in the promos are true, I did say all those things. They may have made it seem like I said things for no reason, but I understand the game. Whatever they do, as long as I’m the star of it, I don’t fucking care. My first episode did definitely show the good sides of me. People are either going to agree or disagree with me. Personally, I know my reasoning behind everything, so I don’t really care what other people see or say. The viewers only get 5% of everything. We film 24 hours for 3 months, but you only get to see 5% of that. No story will be told fully. I’m very happy with the episode. I feel like a majority of my actions were justified. I try to think before I act, but I’m not perfect!”

Speaking of fans not seeing the whole story, is there something you wish RW fans knew about you, that they don’t yet?

“I don’t want to spoil anything, but the way that Jordan and a few other of the roommates who I don’t get along with, try to portray me is completely inaccurate. They made up assumptions about me on their own. They thought things about me before getting to know me or asking me questions. They would take bits and pieces, from eavesdropping on my calls back home, or the nature of my book, and assume the worst of me. I felt like why are they doing this? I didn’t make assumptions about them. I didn’t say because you’re from OK, or have a southern accent that you’re a racist redneck! So why am I a money guzzling whore? I don’t understand where their assumptions came from. I was the only one in the house who graduated from college with a four-year scholarship, and I’ve worked more jobs than everyone in the house combined! That’s when I immediately became defensive. They didn’t know what they were talking about and they tried to slander me. The boys were insecure and envious because I wasn’t going to sleep with them. And, the girls were just jealous. Most girls are naturally intimidated by me. I felt like, looking back on my first episode, whether people want to admit it or not, I was racially profiled. The guys said I was hot, but that’s how they are. The girls, automatically said “she looks like she’s gonna be a problem. She looks like a bitch. She looks like she parties too hard, etc”. Where did they get that from? I wouldn’t go into a situation and automatically think negatively about anyone! Especially, when it’s purely based off my own judgement. I thought that was pretty lame and tragic. The girls will have to eat their words later when they’re all under my armpit the rest of the season [laughs].”

Can you tell us about the book you’re writing?

“It’s called “How to Play the Game”, and it’s the ultimate play book on to find, date, and cheat professional athletes. As you’ll see in tonight’s episode there was one person in the house who decided to judge me because of the title of my book. That’s were he went wrong with me. I used personal experience for my book, as well as my being a investigative journalist. I interviewed professional athletes’ girlfriends and wives. I wanted to know what being in a relationship entailed  and what sacrifices women make to be in a relationship with a pro athlete. I also wanted to find out what these athletes look for, what their expectations and needs are. I also explored why a woman would be attracted to a professional athlete. Money is a by-product for some, but each woman’s reasons are different. I’m not a gold digger so I can’t relate to that type of thinking. I’m not writing this book to enable gold diggers, or home-wreckers  but at the end of the day I know there are women (like me) who are simply attracted to athletes. There’s a justifiable reason as to why a woman would be attracted to a professional athlete. They’re just a type. I also talk about how to keep an athlete once you’ve found one. My book will try to help women stay in a successful marriage. It’s a full time job! The book is based off 3% of my personal experience, and 97% my interviews.”

Do you think if you’d been one of the original roommates, the people who had issues with you wouldn’t of? Or was the clashing inevitable because of your personalities? 

“That’s a really good question. No one’s ever asked me that before. If I moved in with the other six roommates originally I don’t think they would of judged me so quickly. I never met Joi on the show. I met her when we were shooting the promos. I’m closest to Joi now! We’re probably closer than Johnny and Averey who even live together [laughs]. We clicked! We’re cut from the same cloth! She’s dated professional athletes, she’s confident, she’s pretty, she’s comfortable in her own skin, she’s non judgmental, etc. If she was in the house with me, we would have clicked instantly. They didn’t judge Joi, so I feel like if I’d been one of the original seven, they wouldn’t have judged me either. There’s also a stereotype with outspoken, attractive, black girls – they’re all bitches. Unfortunately  that’s the stereotype the roommates bought into. It sucked. It was six versus one! Why were they judging and intimated by me when I was outnumbered! I was walking into their house. They’ve already established themselves, and friendships  I was basically auditioning for them. I came in wanting to join their team. They’re the coaches and I’m the new player! They were in control. It just showed their mentality, in comparison to mine.

Would you consider doing a Real World Challenge?

Yes I would! I know you probably won’t see this that much on the show, because all I do is eat, drink, and talk shit, but I am a collegic athlete. I played volleyball my whole life. I’m competitive as hell when it comes to mental and physical games. A Challenge would be awesome, and a vacation! I’d love to go out of this country and meet other RW cast members.”

Who would be your dream partner?

“CT since he knows the game. He’s played almost every challenge EVER! Believe it or not, even though we don’t get along, I’d also choose Jordan since he is super competitive. The dude is SO athletic. Even with one hand he’s incredible. He was the most athletic boy in the house. Marlon would be a good partner too.”


Lighting Round:

Favorite basketball team: “It’s a tie between Oklahoma and Miami.” 

Favorite alcoholic drink:  “Tequila on the rocks with a lime on the side.”

Celebrity Crush: “Serge Chewbacca.”

Favorite reality TV show: “Next to ‘The Real World’, it would have to be ‘The Kardashians’. I know everyone hates them, but I love them!”

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