Interview with Band of the Week: Altadore


Check out our interview with Indie Rock solo project Altadore, and view Altadore’s full feature here.

Describe your music for us:

“Altadore is indie rock with ambient, reverb-slicked guitars. Similar to bands such as The National, Kings of Leon, and Arcade Fire.”

Tell us a little about the process of creating your debut album, Golden Hills:

“I really wanted to deliver an honest collection of songs. About half of the songs were roughly put together when I was still playing in my old band. When that band broke up in March of 2011, I took those songs, finished them up, and wrote the rest of what became Golden Hills. When I was ready to start tracking the record, I booked some studio time and started in July of 2011.”

Why go by Altadore rather than your given name?

“I never felt like the name David Katz sounded or looked like a musician. Maybe it’s the shape of the letter D or the abruptness of Katz, not sure. I settled on the name Altadore instead as I felt it was unique enough and meant something to me personally that I’ll be happy with for years to come. My father grew up in Canada in the Altadore district and he also lived on Altadore Avenue. So I think the name having that connection is pretty satisfying and a great substitute to my given name.”

Favorite part about performing?

“There’s always so much energy playing live. Both from the band performing with loud guitars and drums, and the fact that there’s a crowd who’s there just for that: seeing live music. The connection is perfect and hard to attain in anything else.”

Biggest inspirations?

“Bands/Artists including Kings of Leon, Death Cab For Cutie, Ryan Adams, Frightened Rabbit, Bombay Bicycle Club, and The National have been some of my largest musical inspirations.”

Any big plans for this year?

“I’m planning to record a new EP in the next month or so. Other than that, I’m just trying to play as many shows as I can and possibly tour.”

Your favorite song to perform/record?

“West Virginia is my favorite song to perform and “Moments” was my favorite song to record.”

Since we’re from Honest Reviews Corner, what’s your “honest review” on the Beatles?

“I love The Beatles. I’ve never been one to obsess and really dive into their discography, but I do have some of their records and I think they’re incredible. Definitely worthy of the fame they’ve achieved.”

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