'Hart of Dixie' Recap – Episode 2.20 "If Tomorrow Never Comes"


Dear Karma, If you could make it possible for me NOT to die by choking on a doughnut hole I would greatly, greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Ok now that’s out of the way we can get back to the business of those crazy people of Bluebell. Please know that when I call them crazy I mean that in the nicest of ways that you can mean calling someone crazy. Although the award for gone to crazy town in tonight’s episode belongs to one Dr. Zoe Hart.

You would think that the biggest challenge facing the blossoming romance between George & Tansy would be the fact that his houseboat has been taken over by the creepiest wigs imaginable, but no it would be Tansy’s not all there brother’s Rudy, Rocket, and Chicken. Yes, Chicken. Hey I don’t judge I was named after a show about an alien. If someone could please explain to me how exactly one pees in a tailpipe I would be forever grateful. I still don’t know how I feel about Tansy. I want to like her, but I’m not quite there, yet. However I do love her and George together. They make sense. George and Lemon and George and Zoe never made sense. They were the couple we weren’t supposed to like and the couple we were supposed to like except what works on paper doesn’t always work on screen. It was sweet to see that George is completely invested in their relationship that he was not only willing to entertain Larry, Daryl, and his other brother Daryl but after they tried to pee in the sheriff’s tailpipe (no, dang it they didn’t show it) he was still going to bail them out of jail and he even went as far as to call them family. George Tucker I think I love you.

hart-of-dixie-41-630x469Now if you think that the Einstein boys cornered the market on crazy you would be wrong, because Wade and Lemon are right behind them with their non-stop bickering over what to do with and how to run the Rammer Jammer. One wants wild and crazy fight nights and the other wants elegant teas and sophisticated wine tastings. So what happens when thanks to their meddling friends Lavon and Annabeth they get exactly none of those things? Magic, that’s what. Apparently all you need in Bluebell to have a little fun is women arm wrestling and delightfully green alcoholic beverages. Hell that’s all you need in any town. Bring on a frothy green drink and some arm wrestling I’m in the mood to have a little fun. Of course after the making the mistake of knocking down a rotted out support beam the only thing Lemon and Wade are in the mood for is a shower.

Do you remember when I said that Zoe Hart was the winner of crazy town tonight? Well that would be because in large part thanks to almost choking to death on a powdered sugar doughnut hole Zoe came face to face with the thought of dying alone. It didn’t help of course to find her bestest basking in the morning afterglow of coupledom. In desperate need for some understanding Zoe goes to Brick the guy who she once couldn’t stand but has now become a semi-father figure in her life only to discover that Brick is having problems of his own. Namely a piuitary tumor. Sorry Zoe but tumor trumps choking on a doughnut every time. Thanks to a meddling Zoe, Brick came this close to losing his slightly OCD girlfriend and frankly I’m not sure if that would have been a bad thing. But Brick seems to love Shelby so what the hell do I know. Now I don’t know if Brick meant for Zoe to go running off to confess to George that she still has feeling for him when he gave his leave it all on the table speech but that’s exactly what that crazy chick did. After the awkwardness that was ‘The Kiss’ I was worried that they were still trying to beat a Zoe and George hook up in to our brains (not working btw) but nope George Tucker went and got awesome on us. Not only did he tell Zoe that she had pretty much lost her damn mind he also told her that he was very happy in his current relationship that Zoe had insisted he find in the first place. George Tucker I freaking love you!

hart-of-dixie-81-630x433 Be still my ever loving Wade & Zoe heart. Pun not intended, I don’t think. Anyways, tonight I cheated on Wade & Zoe. I did, I did. I’m not proud. But can we please, pretty please get a Jonah and Zoe hook up? Just a little one. It doesn’t even have to last 2 episodes. Zoe needs a good ole fashioned rebound and bad. Who here can say that Dr. Jonah Breeland wouldn’t be absolutely perfect for just that? You know I’m right.

Stray Observations:

Even though tonight’s episode had Wanda it didn’t have Tom and this makes me sad.

Veronica Mars shout out! Kevin Sheridan who played Sean Friedrich on VM played Tansy’s brother Rudy.

How badly would it suck if you died choking on a doughnut hole and the last thing you saw was The Blawker?

The more Zoe explained that she almost dies choking on a doughnut hole the more absurd it became.

I would totally make the Olympic Mental Gymnastics team.

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