A Dozen Reasons to be super stocked for Summer! My Summer Movie preview.

The_Smurfs_2_2013_(Brainy)Oh yea! It’s that time of year again where the beach bodies, surf boards and the almighty spandex wearing clan of hotdog eating, beer guzzling pissed off fan boy geeks come out and fuel the bonfire with late night talks of what summer movie they’re looking forward to the most! Or maybe that’s just my house? Either way, this summer looks to be one of the hottest seasons in recent years. Scream it with me, THE SMURFS 2! What? Nobody is with me on that one, eh?  Neil Patrick Harris! I mean, really? What’s wrong with you people? Fine, whatever. I’ll omit that one from my list, for now.

The Dark Knight trilogy is over, The Avengers have come on gone(kinda,) The Men in Black series has been put out of it’s misery, finally, and there’s no Alien prequel to look forward to,  but no need to get depressed fellow movie goers, 2013 looks to be a much better Summer than 2012 could’ve even dreamed of. Yeah,I said it! In your face 2012!

This is the type of summer where comic book lovers fight over why they think The Mandarin  is a much better villain than General Zod, the ladies fight over which Hollywood Hunk looks the best in this year’s crop of Blockbuster Films, Zach Galifianakis or Seth Rogen, the kids beat each other senseless (and drive their parents ape-shit!) over which family film they want their parents to take them to, and the world is ignited over whether or not decaying bodies can actually run, let alone jump! Oh, and did I mention, Giant f@cking Robots laying the smack down on Giant F@cking monsters! Alright then, strap on your helmets, fasten your seat belts, hit the gas and let’s check out this year’s crop of potential block busters,  here’s my top 12 reasons to be excited for this SUMMER!


Pacific Rim

movies-pacific-rim-poster-2Pacific Rim – Starring Charlie Hunnam and Charlie Day. Opening July 12th, it’s the “giant robots fight giant monsters,”  homage to Godzilla and just overall most hyped movie of the summer,  Pacific Rim! When giant aliens who come from within the depths of our planet emerge, Earth’s only hope is to build massive robots and attack the force head on! Rumors have also been circulating about the possible franchise crossing over into the new Godzilla movie that opens next Summer. Why am I stoked? BECAUSE I HAVE A PULSE!! Did you read the synopsis! Get your action figures ready, put on your favorite Hellboy t-shirt and enjoy this Guillermo Del Toro treat first hand, in the theaters!!

Stoked Level – 10/10.


Iron Man 3

Iron-Man-Pepper-Iron-Man3-FNL-poster-610x976Starring Robert Downey Jr, Guy pearce and Ben Kingsley. Opening May 3rd, it’s the third installment in the Tony Stark saga. This may not be the Dark Knight trilogy, but The Iron Man series  continues to amaze me at how outstanding a Marvel based character can be portrayed on the big screen. From what the critics have already been saying, this may be the best Marvel produced movie to date! Here’s hoping that the critics are correct. Why am I so excited? Because I get to see the best mustache on film since Tom Selleck? Well, yea, but also because we get to see the first stage of the Avengers 2! From what I understand, some surprises are in store for all of the fan boys of The Marvel Universe.

Stoked level – 9/10

Man of Steel

o-MAN-OF-STEEL-POSTER-570Starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, and Russell Crowe. Opening June 14th is, wait, I have no idea what this movie is about! Wait! It’s Superman.  Directed by Zach Snider and co-produced by, none other than, Christopher Nolan! A young boy learns that he has superhuman abilities and that he is not a native of planet Earth . He embarks on a mission to learn about his origins and to embrace his inner hero to save the world from his own kind. Or basically, another Superman origin story, let’s hope they do better this time around. Why am I stoked? Again, it’s Superman. They should just punch me in the stomach and take my money, and hand me a box of Bunch N’ Crunch!

Stoked level 8/10

This is the End


This-Is-The-End-PosterStarring Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and James Franco. Opening June 12th is the comedic overdose of talent, “This is the End.”  THE END OF THE WORLD is at hand, and all of our partially favorite comedic actors have all settled in at James Franco’s house for one hell of a party just to wake up and realize they have to survive the Apocalypse! Sounds like a winning combination to me. Why am I stoked? Since the first red band trailer for this film first arrived I’ve been counting down the days for this film to hit theaters. It has all the elements to make this film one of my favorites of the summer. This film should be a blast to watch over and over and over again!!!

Stoked level – 8/10

Monsters University


monsters-university-posterStarring John Goodman, Steve Buscemi and Billy Crystal. Opening June 21, the long awaited sequel to Monster’s Inc. takes us back to Mike and Sulley’s college days to learn how the duo’s mismatched friendship began (and which one was making bongs in their dorm room.) Pixar has made a name for themselves in making the biggest and best family movies (Besides the dreadful Cars 2, hitting discount racks at your nearby Wal-Mart!) And one of my all-time favorite Pixar films is Monsters Inc. Why am I so stoked? It’s another Pixar film! Nuff’ said! Not only that, but I get to drop my kids off with the grandparents and actually have a chance to lay around the pool in my birthday suit, soaking up the rays and drinking my martini and enjoy two hours of silence. HOWDY NEIGHBORS! *Pics will be posted a bit later, ladies, you’re welcome!*

Stoked level – 7/10

The Wolverine

movies_the-wolverine-posterStarring Hugh Jackman, Famke Janssen and Will Yun Lee. Opening July 26th, The Wolverine is the story of well, Wolverine in modern day Japan. This time we get Samurais. as in The Silver Samurai! New challengers for Hugh Jackman’s character arise and we’ll see (Hopefully) the bad-ass Wolverine return. The trailer looks great, but I have my doubts as the first Wolverine solo project failed in my eyes, pretty miserably, so I’m going in with lowered expectations, that’s not to say that I’m not super hyped about it. Why am I so stoked? Hell, I can’t help it, I love WOLVERINE! I love the comics! Any chance I get to see the character on screen is worth the price of admission for me. I just wish they would give us a half way decent Sabretooth sometime in the near future, and for the love of GOD, leave Deadpool alone dammit!

Stoked level – 7/10

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star-Trek-Into-DarknessStarring Benedict Cumberpatch and Chris Pine. Opening May 17th is the highly anticipated sequel to the Star Trek ‘Re-imagining” from 2010.  The crew of the Enterprise find themselves fighting a member of their own, Captain Kirk leads the crew to an isolated, war-zone stricken planet to retrieve the man who’s capable of unspeakable destruction. I know right, another sequel on the list. But it’s Star Trek. Why am I so stoked? J.J. Abrams never disappoints and it’s Star Trek, two powerful forces that combined for one of the best Star Trek movies ever, so I figured this will probably be more of the same.

Stoked level – 7/10

 The Purge

the-purge-posterStarring Ethan Hawke-  Opening June 7th is the horror thriller The Purge. Set in an idealistic future where crime is non-existant thanks to an annual holiday from law where you can commit any crime without facing consequences for one night only, a family will be tested to see how far they will go to protect themselves when the viscous holiday and its participants make their way into their home. The Purge has elements of “The Strangers” and  “Panic Room,” two of my favorites in the genre. The trailer looks intense and gets my hopes up for one of the better horror movies of the year. Why am I stoked? There’s a special place in my heart for everything and anything blood and guts related, and this movie looks like it might just deliver the good. With a somewhat original plot and a good cast, I think this could be one of the “Shockers” of the summer.

Stoked level – 7/10


ripd-posterStarring Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges and Kevin Bacon- Opening July 19th. A cop gets killed and is immediately recruited to be an undead officer in a team of undead police who’s job is to chase down a bunch of undead criminals before they destroy the world. A lot of people aren’t really excited about this film, but hey, I’m not the normal everyday movie goer! This movie looks fantastic! Maybe I’m hyping it a little too much, not sure, and I’m not the biggest Ryan Reynolds’ fan (Especially now that I know he’s not related to Burt Reynolds!) Why am I stoked? BACON!!!!!!  Give me Kevin Bacon or give me death, oh yea, and The Dude!

Stoked Level 6/10

Despicable Me 2

despicable-me-2-movie-posterStarring Al Pacino and Steve Carell. Opening July 3rd is the sequel to the highly entertaining Despicable Me! In this continuation, Gru is recruited by the Anti-Villain League to help deal with a powerful new super criminal. I do love my campy cartoons, and outside of Pixar and Dreamworks, Illumination Entertainment does a pretty good job with these family movies. Why am I stoked? More minions!

Stoked level – 5/10


 The Internship



The-Internship-movie-posterStarring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Opening June 7th is the comedy The Internship. Two middle-aged salesmen are hit with the reality of the digital era and loose their jobs somehow land a coveted internship at Google, where they must compete with a group of young tech-savvy hipsters for a shot at employment. Normally I don’t like to put comedies on my summer “must see” list, but the combination of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn is one of the most chaotic comedic duos in the industry. Why am I stoked? I love the chemistry between these two and the trailer left me in tears. Hoping for another “Wedding Crashers” experience.

Stoked level – 4/10


World War Z 


world-war-z-uk-posterStarring Brad Pitt. Opening June 21st,  Zombies are taking over the world again  in this adaptation of Max Brooks’ World War Z. Apparently the dead rise and, unlike any other zombie apocalyptic film I’ve ever seen, they work more like swarms or nests of zombies, climbing on each other to form ladders and hopefully giant moving phallic symbols. Why am I stoked? First, I’ve actually heard rumors that we may actually find out what’s in that F*CKING box!(Sorry, I had to insert a Se7en joke.) I’m always up for a good Zombie film or two, but this one just looks a little too absurd for even me. But, I’m a huge fan of the book and it’s still a Zombie film and that gets me pretty excited.

Stoked level – 4/10


This summer will have it’s fair share of blockbuster bombs, I’m sure, but for the most part, I’m loving this year’s crop of mid-year movie selection. I’ll be reviewing the films as they come out, so stay tuned with us here at Honest Reviews Corner to get my take on all the latest blockbuster bonanza! Well, that’s it folks! Let me know what you think about the summer line up this year and keep those pictures of me away from your dashboard, especially when your driving…I don’t want to cause an accident! Stay safe movie-goers and enjoy your movie going experience!



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