'The Bachelor' 17×12; And Sean Proposes To…


I’m so happy to see Sean’s family again, because they’re such a happy, lovely family and we didn’t get to see them as much as some of the other more dramatic families from Emily’s season of The Bachelorette. This is the most important episode of the season, usually we get a proposal at the end but host Chris Harrison has told us that they have received new information from Bachelor Sean Lowe about his relationship. What is this new information, and how does it effect the results of the show?

Catherine, Sean, and Lindsay. Who will he propose to?

Catherine is up first to meet the family. His mum sits down with Catherine first and they have a very serious chat but it seems to go well. Sean’s dad, Jay, is so sweet and ends up telling Catherine he’ll be her biggest supporter if she gets the proposal. The entire family time went really well, but it just makes it that much more difficult to decide between the girls. Lindsay and Sean have been talking about meeting families for a while, and we get to hear Sean say he’s in love with her as they’re heading over to meet his family. They’re all laughing and joking around and she’s really showing her personality during the group chat. When she’s with Jay he tells her that they have been praying for Sean’s wife since the day Sean was born, and when looking at Lindsay he thinks it could have been her they were praying for all this time. As they’re both religious it’s definitely an emotional moment and another level they can connect on. Lindsay seems to answer all the questions perfectly, but both girls are loved by the family so it’s a tricky decision.

Sean later gets to sit down with his family to discuss which girl he should propose to. His mum is concerned about whether he’s rushing into a proposal. It’s not that she dislikes either of the women, it’s that she wants it to end in a happy marriage or no proposal at all. All Sean wants is support from his parents and when Sean and his mum go for a walk she brings up the option of not making a decision and choosing neither of the girls. He still has a date with each of the women before he proposes, but it’s frightening all the same. Hopefully he’ll make the right decision for himself!

Sean has his final date with Lindsay where they take a raft to explore a river in Thailand. They’re giggling and goofing around on the raft. At dinner, they have some more serious conversations. She gets to share all her feelings but it sucks that he can’t open up as per still being on the show. They pull out some lanterns to light and let float in the sky with the words love, happiness, and family written on them as wishes to hope for. Normally when there is a relationship such as this on the show you’d expect he’d choose them in the end, but the relationship with Catherine seems to go along the same lines. I understand why Sean is having problems choosing between the two girls, but I definitely think he should have kept Desiree in there.

Lindsay and Catherine dressed for engagement

Sean surprises Catherine for their date with an elephant to ride. Thailand is so beautiful, and they get to explore the lush jungle environment that is there. Catherine seems a little bothered by something as they’re sitting and looking at the view, could she be getting cold feet? No, she just wants to bring the conversation to some serious topics so she can tell Sean exactly how she feels. Catherine has trouble opening up but she knows she needs to and ends up doing so quite easily. During the opening up portion at dinner, it definitely feels like Sean will choose Catherine because of the music and the way they have edited the show together. Sean acknowledges the only reason he is holding back from jumping at proposing to Catherine is because of Lindsay and breaking someone’s heart. It really seems like he has made his decision, but then Catherine doesn’t see any glimmer of love in his eye when she tells him she loves him so she starts crying and runs after him. They get another kiss in but Catherine feels awful and is suddenly terrified he won’t choose her because he isn’t reciprocating feelings. As she cries herself to sleep, realizing he’s crazy about both her and Lindsay, it seems like something shocking might be coming at the end of this episode.

The Big Question of the episode is will he even propose? Will they say yes? Who has written a letter for him? What does it say? And what is this new information Chris Harrison is hiding from us?

Sean thinks he could marry either of these women and have healthy, happy marriages with either but he woke up and had made a decision. Doesn’t seem to be too tricky anymore, does it? It’s time to get engaged, so Sean finds the ring and gets dressed in his suit. We get journal entries from both of the women, Lindsay is excited for getting engaged and Catherine is nervous Sean won’t choose her. To cool things down, Chris Harrison goes back to the live audience where Leslie, Sarah, AshLee, and Jackie comment on who they think will get the proposal. Leslie is the only one who sees it with Catherine and Sean, while the other three think Lindsay and Sean are me

Chris hands over Catherine’s letter to Sean

The first girl to step out of the car is Lindsay, which means he will be breaking up with her. I’m so upset because as she walks towards him all we hear is happiness about her getting engaged. When he first starts talking to her it sounds like he’s about to propose, even telling her that he’s in love with her, but that his heart is taking him in another direction. She handled it really well while around him and I loved that she just took of her heels when walking back to the car and hiked up her dress because she was done and not caring about looking graceful anymore. Next, Chris Harrison comes to check on Sean and hand him a letter Catherine wants him to read. Timing is everything with commercials, why must you make us wait even longer. We get the letter read out to us from both Catherine and Sean, and it turns out to be a beautiful, happy letter ending in her saying she thinks they are perfect for each other. Well, that got us worried over nothing. After reading the letter Sean has tears in his eyes and even though I’m upset for Lindsay it also makes me incredibly happy for Catherine and Sean as well. She’s shaking and they’re happy and giggly, and it’s such an amazing moment. I love when these proposals work out well… They even ride out on an elephant! But what is this new announcement Sean has made? Check below in the AtFR for what the big news is, the next time Sean sees Lindsay, and who the next Bachelorette is!

After the Final Rose:

First things first, Sean comes out to massive applause. People are immediately yelling for Sean to take his shirt off but when he starts talking about Catherine he absolutely lights up. I’m happy that means it’s still going well between them. Lindsay comes out first to talk with Sean. Lindsay is trying to stay composed but she is visibly upset. More than once she asks what was it that she was missing, and it’s just upsetting that Sean doesn’t have an answer for her more than I was pulled towards Catherine more. I don’t know why Chris Harrison asks Lindsay to relive the few days after the breakup because what can she say? I cried, that’s really all you can say. I like that she is so wholesome and doesn’t seem to have any regrets or hatred towards The Bachelor or Sean.

The next Bachelorette is...
The next Bachelorette is…

After a break, Catherine comes out to greet Sean so they’re together in public for the first time in months. They’re cute and couply together, holding hands and constantly looking at each other. It’s amazing to see Sean have the smile that he does during this, I hope he continues to be happy. They get to watch their proposal over again and they’re laughing and welling up as they watch it. So cute. They’ve decided to get married soon, although there is no date, and have it filmed on an ABC special. THAT was the important announcement? That isn’t an announcement! It’s expected that if a couple off Bachelor/Bachelorette actually gets married then it’s televised. Oh well…

But who will be the next Bachelorette? It’s always an exciting moment to figure out who the producers have chosen from the previous season, as that’s normally how it works nowadays. I would love to have a Bachelor and Bachelorette who we haven’t seen on a previous season, but that’s more work I guess. I am happy to announce the next Bachelorette is DESIREE! My favourite girl from this season so get prepared for a fun summer of drama and romance!

How do you feel about who Sean chose and Desiree being on The Bachelorette?

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