Interview with Band of the Week: T Shirts 4 Tomorrow


We had a chance to ask band of the week T Shirts 4 Tomorrow a few questions, see what they have to say here!

Describe your music for us: “We enjoy the fact the we find difficulty in finding a specific genre. Technically were pop/punk but we like to be versatile and border on a few genres. It really helps us keep a fresh taste.”

Tell us a little bit about your new album, what was the best part of the recording/writing process? “We’re really excited about the new CD coming out in May. We feel like since our last time we have grown a lot as song writers, and we hope that is translated well when people listen. We feel every song on the CD touches a lot of emotions and each song is a song that people can relate to. There really isn’t a best part! It’s all so much fun, working with Andrew Berlin and just being able to get away at a legendary studio like the Blasting Room is amazing in its entirety!”

What are you most excited about for this upcoming tour with the Dangerous Summer? “Frankly, we’re just stoked for the chance to tour! The fact that it’s with a band we all love just makes it better! We’re most excited about the chance to meet new friends and expand our music outside the Four Corners area. Living in close quarters with 4 dudes may be a bit of a challenge but we all get along so well that the road trips will make some good stories!”

Where all are you headed on this tour? “The tour is Midwest including Denver, St. Louis, Ames Iowa, Lincoln Nebraska, St. Paul MN, Dekalb IL, Indy, a few dates in Texas Dallas and San Antonio, and Fullerton CA! There are a few places were excited to hit in our days off!”

Who’s your biggest inspirations? “Man, that’s a hard one! There are too many to list! Really our inspirations include our families and the people we hold close to us. Friends like Avery and all the other people who have a great story we have met. Musically, we love all kinds each of us have our own taste! From Justin timberlake, to Rush and Queen, to A Day to Remember, All Time Low, FYS and PTV.”

If the band was a “typical family,” who would play which roles? “Great question! Brandon is definitely (and self admittedly) the band mother, always lookin out for us. Ethan is like the dad, ’cause we all have a joke that the only opinion that matters is the lead singers. Jer is like the older brother cause he likes to jokingly give everyone a hard time and be his own man. Joe is the little brother cause, well, we all pick on him the most!”

Any more exciting news for this year? “Yes! But you’ll have to wait for that!”

Since we’re from Honest Reviews Corner, what’s your “honest review” on the Disney princesses? “All we have to say is …. DAAAYYUUM!!!!”



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