Band of the Week: T Shirts 4 Tomorrow


Genre: Pop-Rock/Pop-Punk

Location: Denver, CO

Bio: T4T is a rock band out of Denver, Colorado – featuring Ethan Gilbert on vocals/guitar, Joe Fox on bass, Brandon Preece on drums, and Jeremey Silva also on guitar. “Fusing pop/punk style lyrics, rhythm and flow with heavy low end breakdowns; they bring an exciting roller coaster ride of a show.

Why Band of the Week: T4T just scored a spot as main support on the Dangerous Summer’s current US tour. The band also has a new album coming out later this spring/early summer, so be on watch for that. They’re hard work has really been showing recently – if you have a chance, be sure to check them out live because “T4T is most praised for its live performances, where they are certain to deliver high energy, and witty humor.

Check them out!


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