‘Supernatural’ Recap — Episode 8.13, “Everybody Hates Hitler.”


As it turns out, my rather simplistic assumption was indeed correct: episode 12 introduced a game-changing element to Supernatural—in Dean’s terms, a “Bat Cave.”

The beginning of the last episode started with one of those scenes that makes you wonder whether you’ve changed to the right channel or not; a Nazi camp back in World War II with everyone speaking German. It’s not until a giant—like, taller than Sam—breaks into the room and kills everyone that it finally feels like Supernatural again.

Dean, after telling his brother to not geek out about any of this stuff.
Dean, after telling his brother to not geek out about any of this stuff.

After we get the nice Nazi introduction, that’s when Sam and Dean go find the Bat Cave, which is really the remainder of a base left behind by the Men of Letters that we discovered last episode, and it somehow still has electricity and water, a happy surprise that the Winchesters are quick to point out. They get settled—and then get a case, noting an article about a man that spontaneously combusted two weeks before, who also happens to be connected to a group that the Men of Letters were involved with. Obviously something that they want to check out.

The Winchesters go looking, and end up finding the old man’s grandson…and the grandson’s golem, who was the giant who killed all the Nazis back then. And the Nazis actually turn out to be Necromancer Nazis, who figured out how to make themselves undead. Zombie Necromancer Nazis is basically what I’m saying here. And the Zombie Necromancer Nazis are after the golem’s owner, because his grandfather found out information about the Zombie Necromancer Nazis that the

Have I said "Zombie Necromancer Nazi" enough yet? This is a Zombie Necromancer Nazi
Have I said “Zombie Necromancer Nazi” enough yet? This is a Zombie Necromancer Nazi

Zombie Necromancer Nazis don’t want anyone to know. Also, the Zombie Necromancer Nazis are called the Thule Society. Maybe I should have brought that up earlier.

Anyways, the Thule Society members go after the guy and by extension the Winchesters, but get killed and all is well. Except for the fact that it was only about three members, and the rest of them are still out there somewhere.

The episode still manages to end on a happy note, however, with Sam and Dean getting settled into their new home base. The Winchesters with a home base, can you imagine?

Oh, and by the way, you can look up the Thule Society, they actually existed. I’ll end on that happy note.

Catch the next episode of Supernatural next Wednesday the 13th on the CW at 9/8c!

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