Best TV Moments of 2012

top 2012 tv moments

It’s 2013 and all the TV networks are coming back from their holiday hiatus. To celebrate the new year, and what I believe to be another great year for television, I thought we’d take a look back at my favorite shows from 2012 and their best storylines/episodes! Here are my top 4!

Criminal Minds Season 7 Finale – Prentiss’s Exit

I don’t know about you, but that finale episode was intense and very sad! Luckily, it also had a very heartfelt ending to it! Knowing that Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) was leaving left a mark on the episode, but being able to see JJ (A.J. Cook) and Will get married after a very rough day for them, and then seeing the BAU team be able to relax made the episode all the more enjoyable.

Goodbye Emily Prentiss

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale – CODA Scene

Many people (mostly Delena fans) were not happy with this episode due to the final choice. But to me, shipping aside, it was such a great episode! The episode, filled with death, choices, fighting, and transitions led up to an amazing coda complete with a Sigur Ros song, Dauðalogn, and amazing underwater work by Nina Dobrev (though I must say that Paul and Zach were great too)! In the end, poor Elena became what she never wanted to be — a vampire.

TVD Season 3 finale – CODA

Pretty Little Liars – ‘-A’ #2 Reveal

Who else thought that Toby was NOT going to be ‘A’? I always thought it was Ezra or one of the girls (mostly Spencer). So to see Toby be the one in the black hoodie after he turned around was a shock to me! Now, we wait to find out who the next ‘A’ is. What is everyone’s ideas for ‘A’?

PLL – Toby Reveal

One Tree Hill Season 9 – Series Finale

I just can’t bring myself to pick ONE MOMENT from this episode, so the whole episode is number 1. This episode was just like the old Tree Hill to me: TRIC had performances (Gavin! Tyler/Chris! Joy/Haley!), family at Karen’s Cafe, Haley and Jamie on the KC roof (“There’s only One Tree Hill, Jamie Scott, and it’s your home”), love, friendship, laughs, etc. The coda scene was also such a call back to season 1 after Lucas joined the Ravens with Haley working in the cafe (ala Karen), Nathan walking in to get her (ala Keith-RIP), and the whole group there to watch Jamie play basketball. My favorite part of the finale had to be in the cast commentary. At the very end of the episode when the screen stills and fades to black, Mark said that in the script he wrote “Frozen in time, for the rest of time.” Such a great way to send this phenomenal show out.

One Tree Hill Series Finale – CODA

What are your favorite TV moments of 2012? Remember, these are just my picks. I would love to hear yours!

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