'The X Factor' "Unplugged" Week Results


The X Factor final four have been revealed! Last week, Cece Frey was eliminated from the competition. She was the last contestant on Demi’s team and know she will serve as an impartial judge. The bottom two landed Fifth Harmony and Diamond White in the sing off. Ultimately, Fifth Harmony won over the judges and they have moved on to the semi-finals! Mario Lopez said that the top 3 spots were in a range of less then 1% away from each other! The competition is really close! Also, Tate Stevens took back his number one spot! He and Carly Rose flip flop for the number one spot every week. Maybe Carly will take it back this week!




The four moving on to the semi finals are Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Tate Stevens, and Emblem 3!

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