'X Factor' Live Shows Episode:1

On this weeks episode of ‘The X Factor’ thetop 12 have been decided by the judges! This is the only week where the judges have the choice of who stays and who goes. Next week, America will be allowed to place votes!

Demi Lovato cut Willie Jones from her group. Cece Frey hugged Willie after finding out the news repeated into his ear, “I’m so sorry” while she continued to sob of happiness.

Simon Cowell let go of Sister C. They said, “We saw this coming” and I guess so did the audience because they cheered in rejoice.
LA Reid cut off a fan favorite, David Corey. LA wished him the best of luck and has no doubts that he will succeed on his own ventures.

Britney Spears eliminated the spunky Diamond White from her team. Diamond, as gracious as she is, said ” It’s ok, I still love you Britney.”

Live shows will be so amazing next week! Who do you want to win?

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