Interview with Brittany Brown from 'America's Next Top Model'

Brittany is an 18 year old from Gilbert, AZ and was a model on this season of America’s Next Top Model. She was defined as the “Disney Girl” based on her love of Disney and her participation in the Disney College Program. Check out our interview with her below as we discuss her favorite challenges, the comeback, and more!

Almost the second you were eliminated, the previously eliminated girls were brought back for the comeback competition. What was going through your mind at that time?

“I was definitely caught off guard because everything was happening so quickly. As soon as I was eliminated Tyra was like “turn around” and I did  and all the eliminated girls walked in and I had to join them. It was an emotional rollercoster. It all happened so fast. I felt like I couldn’t even catch my breath.”

Were you a fan of the new system of social media scores?

“I was because I thought it was cool that the world had a chance to vote. I just wish voting was live so that fans could also vote on personality, because modeling shouldn’t just be about looks. It would then be more about how we did in challenges and who they thought represented the overall total package. I do like the social media element, I just wish it covered more than photos.”

In every episode they referred to you as the “Disney Girl” how does that define you?

“Well I opened up to them about how I’m a huge Disney fan, and I am. I like Disney movies and Disneyland and all of that. It kind of turned from something that I loved to who they wanted me to be. They wanted me to be the “Disney Girl” and that was a little confusing to me because even though I love Disney, that’s not everything about me. I have other sides. So they said I could do both, but maybe they just weren’t seeing it.”

Did you love your makeover?

“It was a big change. They cut nine inches off my hair and dyed it strawberry blonde. When I looked in the mirror I was like “wow it’s very different.” It wasn’t my favorite, but I pretended like it was so it didn’t effect my performance. I miss the length but It was a good change and definitely made me stand out”

Did you have a favorite photo shoot during the competition?

“I loved them all for different reasons. I think my favorite might be the black and white nude one with Rob just because I loved the photographer for that one. Rob was really fun to work with. I also loved the steam punk one because it was really fun to get into a cool character. I love acting so it was fun for me to get into, maybe not as much Victoria did, but I still got into it.”

When you got home did you read the comments on your photos, and did any stand out to you?

“There were a few that stood out to me. In the nude shoot with Rob someone said that it was fierce and I looked like Bridget Bardot, I thought that was really cool. In the steam punk one they said I shined like a flashlight in the dark, I thought that was pretty cool.”


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