Book Review: Winged Descent by Heather Dencker



Kendrick is a direct descendant of the god Apollo, and the future ruler of his planet, Centaura. He is one of a mixed breed comprised of centaur and human, and has just arrived to Earth with thirty two other “half-bloods”. His race is intent on finding human mates after discovering they cannot reproduce with one another. Kendrick’s priority is to find a human to fall in love with so that he will one day have a son to take his place as Centaura’s leader.

Savannah is the owner of a beachside shop that caters to tourists in Folly Beach, South Carolina. She lives alone and lost both of her parents in a car accident as a teenager. Her life is turned upside down when she takes a walk on the beach one morning and meets Kendrick, a person she never dreamed could have existed.

Conner is a high school English teacher in Atlanta who has been Savannah’s best friend for the past six years. He looks forward to spending every summer vacation with her, but discovers that this will be no ordinary summer when he sees that Savannah already has a houseguest… one who Conner immediately dislikes and distrusts.

The three characters’ lives are thrown into a whirlwind of events as mythology meets reality and the centaurs find that the decision to come to Earth is not without its consequences

-Official Synopsis for Winged Descent by Heather Dencker



Ever since Twilight came out I found myself engrossed in a world of fantasy, don’t get me wrong, Edward Cullen will always have a special place in my heart, but I needed a new fake supernatural beau.

I have found him. Allow me to introduce you to Kendrick from Heather Deckner’s new YA novel Winged Descent. From the very first chapter I was smitten with Kendrick, just like the main character Savannah was. I found myself eager to learn more about Kendrick and his past.

The story focuses on Kendrick and his fellow centaurs who have come to Earth to find true love. Needless to say Kendrick’s mission causes many issues for himself, his fellow centaurs and Savannah.

Nowadays many authors tend to narrate their stories using different perspectives. Sometimes I find that tactic tiring and pointless, however in Winged Descent I loved being able to get inside Savannah, Kendrick and Connor’s minds. I wouldn’t have wanted it told any other way.

I have never been one to know much about Greek mythology, quite frankly, everything I do know I’ve learned from Disney’s Hercules, however I loved the way Heather formed a story revolving around Centaur’s and Apollo. It was new and fresh and now I find myself fawning over a centaur instead of a vampire. After you read Winged Descent, you will be falling in love with Kendrick too!


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