3OH!3 New Single "Youngblood"


The popular electro pop punk duo known as 3OH!3, has a large fan base who are highly anticipating the new album “OMENS” expected out December 4th. They have already released their first single off the album entitled “You’re Gonna Love This”, but now with the second single released I’m even more pumped for this new album. “Youngblood” was released November 13th. 3OH!3 is most commonly known for their hit’s “Don’t Trust Me”, “Starstrukk”, “My First Kiss(feat. Ke$ha), and “Double Vision”. The new single “Youngblood” has a poppy upbeat chorus with a slower buildup and frame. The lyrics are very honest and fun. The chorus is not only catchy but also dancey. It’s fantastic. Be on the watch for their upcoming album and more on 3OH!3.


Link to buy “Youngblood”: https://itunes.apple.com/album/youngblood-single/id570851669

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