'X Factor' Bootcamp Day 1 and 2

It’s officially the start of bootcamp! The contestant will compete in a number of challenges before they make it to the judges homes.

The first task for the contestants is to perform a short snippet of a song they have chosen. The judges will not make a decision right then and there.

Here are some highlights of Boot Camp Day 1:

Diamond White is the first to perform. She sings Whitney Houston’s  ” I Have Nothing” and the judges whisper to each other that they are impressed.

David Correy sings is own version of the hit “Mercy.” Demi comments that he is very entertaining.

Jessica Espinoza throws off the judges in the beginning of her song choice but later proves her talents.

Jennel Garcia brings her A-game to her performance. She electrifies the stage.

Trevor Moran lost his touch from his first performance.  He was the one who sang the LMFAO song.

Jake Garza unfortunately did not have a very good audition. He let the nerves get the best of him and he forgot the words to his song. Simon told him to continue but he did not know where in the song he was.

Bootcamp Day 2:

Today’s task is two of  the contestants are auditioning together. They both must decide on the song and who is singing what part.

Jennel Garcia and Tara perform their song. Jennel really did not want to sing the song the Tara chose but Tara was firm with it. It ends up being that Simon did not like the song choice at all and thought that did not show off any of their talents. Simon said that Tara “clipped Jennel’s wings.”

David Correy and Vino Alan are teamed up together. They are actually roommates but know that this is a competition so their friendship must be pushed to the side. Vino thinks he did not deliver and perform for the judges but they comment otherwise saying that he did great.

Diamond White and Dinah Jane Hansen have been paired. They both have similar styles and are around the same age group. They sing a ballad version of Kelley Clarkson’s “What Doesn’t Kill you Makes You Stronger.” Dinah messes up the lyrics but fixes it. She  feels she could have a done better.

Arin Ray and Normani Hamilton are put together as a duet. They sing One Direction’s ” What Makes You Beautiful.” Both contestants even make it a little more then just singing a song by adding a connection between them. It was adorable!

Latasha Robinson and, Demi’s fav, Jillian Jensen are paired together. It is a weird combination because they have two different styles but the judges probably want to challenge them. Latasha seems to be more in control of the duo.

Latasha has all the confidence that Jillian may not have completely. It’s ironic that Latasha forgot the words to the song. Jillian sang her part with full soul and delivered a great performance.

Cece and Paige are paired for the sing off. Previously, they had competition with each other as they both sang the same Whitney Houston song. Now, they must sing in the same group. Cece was the more dominant one of the group and leaned more towards the song they ended up singing. Both of them poured their hearts into the song.

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