Interview with MTV's 'The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons' contestant Trey Weatherholtz

HRC had the pleasure of chatting with Trey Weatherholtz while “Real World: St. Thomas” aired, and we were thrilled to get the chance to speak with him again. Trey was a cast-member on MTV’s The Real World: St. Thomas and was a fierce competitor on The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons. Those of us who follow Trey on Twitter have been known to call Wednesday TreyDay. Find out what Trey plans to do now that his 18th consecutive week on MTV has come to an end in our interview below.

How did The Challenge house compare to your St. Thomas house? Structure wise and experience wise?

“The Challenge house was obviously bigger since it had to fit 32 people instead of seven. The Challenge house was nicer too. That house was amazing. On the Real World we had our own private island which was awesome. When you’re housing 32 people instead of seven there are a lot more personalities and it is harder to avoid people and drama. In The Challenge house it was difficult to find your own space when you wanted to be left alone. A lot of the reasons why the viewers didn’t see me in the first couple of episodes was because I was hiding in my bedroom. I didn’t want to deal with the BS in the house. There were so many crazy people in The Challenge house. The experience was definitely different. In St. Thomas I only had Marie and LaToya who I didn’t get along with, but in The Challenge house there were so many other people I butted heads with.”

 Which show was more fun to film?

“It’s hard to choose. I enjoy competing, because I’m a natural athlete and competitor, so that competitive side is always in me. The difference between the two shows is that when you film a Challenge you’re stuck in the house. You cannot really leave, but on the Real World even if you’re dealing with BS in the house you can go out and explore [the island]. I took advantage of exploring. I really loved doing that! I think I would have to say I liked the Real World more. I was on St. Thomas longer so I got a feel for the place. I really enjoyed my job at Coral World. MTV and Bunim/Murray hooked us up with the most amazing job in Real World history! We got to work with sharks, sea lions and sting rays. I liked the freedom I had on the Real World more too. I loved the Caribbean as opposed to the Mediterranean. The experiences of filming the two shows are very different, but I’d have to say I enjoyed the Real World more.”

 What made you resistant to join any alliance on The Challenge?

“I didn’t like who was running the alliance (San Diego, Cancun, and New Orleans). I know that sounds really bad, but at the end of the day it’s kind of like the Presidential campaign. You’re not going to hang out with Obama supporters if you don’t like Obama, just like you’re not going to hang out with Romney supporters if you don’t like Romeny. I didn’t hang out with the alliance because I didn’t like Frank. That’s what it came down to. I didn’t appreciate Frank’s attitude. I didn’t want to align myself with him just because he had the numbers. There is no amount of money you could pay me to hang out with Frank. I rather be broke! I didn’t want to play the game fake. I was there to have a good time. Of course I wanted to win the money, but I’m not going to sell my soul to do that. If I had aligned myself with Frank you guys would have seen a fake Trey, and I’m not like that. They casted us to real, I know that sounds really cliché, but that’s the truth. The reality of the situation was I didn’t like Frank, so as much as Marie wanted me to join the alliance, I couldn’t. Just because Marie liked Frank didn’t mean I had to, even though we’re on the same team. It’s sad that my dislike may of held us back, but the reality of the situation was Frank isn’t a good guy. He likes to provoke people. Look at what he did to Alton!”

 Was there any talk of St. Thomas, Brooklyn and Las Vegas forming an alliance?

“Since I’ve been home I’ve noticed that a lot of fans have asked that. We did talk about that in the house. Brooklyn started that talk since they were being picked on after Austin and Fresh Meat left. Honestly, it came down to none of us ever winning power team during a challenge. The power team kept going between San Diego and Cancun. Las Vegas and New Orleans did each win one, but we weren’t winning. You can’t have an alliance and not win. The whole point of an alliance is to keep your friends safe, but if you aren’t winning you can’t keep anyone safe! We did talk about it, but sadly it didn’t work out.”

 What are you planning on doing with your Wednesday’s now?

“[Laughing]. I haven’t really thought about that yet. I’ve been on MTV for 18 consecutive weeks. That’s over four months. I was really getting used to being on TV on Wednesday’s. I’m used to going to and seeing my face on the site. I’m used to live tweeting the episodes with fans. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do now. That’s a great question! It frees up my Wednesday’s now! I will finish watching the rest of The Challenge. I do know what happens. I’ve heard stories and I know the people and the place, but now I want to see how it all unfolds. I guess I can go out and do as I please on Wednesday’s now!”

 What was your favorite challenge to compete in?                   

“I’m not a huge fan of heights, so none of those. Oil Change would have definitely been my favorite if it had been a real competition. The challenge itself was a lot of fun, but obviously as you guys saw teams started playing rock/paper/scissor to decide who would win each round. Team St. Thomas stood there for over two hours before we did our first wrestling match. I was getting sun burnt just standing there. I really enjoyed wrestling. It’s an area where you can actually compete unlike some of the other challenges. I like the physical competition.”

 Are you rooting for Team St. Thomas to win?

“I am! As much as I don’t get along with Marie she’s still my teammate. She shared both experiences with me. Jim Johnson the EP of MTV told me “you guys are a part of something forever. You guys can hate each other, but you seven are the only people who understand what this experience is like. Yes, other people have been on The Real World, but nobody else was on The Real World: St. Thomas.” I love Marie, and I’ve told her that on numerous occasions. I care deeply for each one of my seven cast mates. I love them all. It’s unfortunate that we don’t see eye to eye, and argue a lot, but Marie is still my teammate. I am definitely rooting for Robb and Marie to bring home the money.”

 Have you seen any of your Real World cast members since tapping the reunion show?

“Let me get my timeline straight in my head! I went up to Philly and saw Robb and Swift. Brandon came down to Baltimore for a couple of days. There’s a tattoo shop in Maryland that’s hooked him up. LaToya and her boyfriend came up and I met them at the bar. Laura and I keep in contact every day, but she’s the only one from our season that doesn’t live on the East Coast. Brandon and Toya have both driven down to my house, but I haven’t driven to Nebraska and Laura hasn’t driven to Baltimore. I bought a plane ticket to go visit Laura in Nebraska next month actually, but she’s really the only roommate I’ve had a difficult time seeing.”

 What’s the strangest dream you’ve ever had?

“John Goodman from “Roseanne” was like trying to kidnap me. I was trapped in his house, but somehow escaped. I was then running next to rail road tracks and he blocked me. I had to run all the way back to his house and then run the other way. I finally got to a street and said “Someone is trying to kidnap me. Help! Call 9-1-1.” Then I woke up. I watched “Roseanne” growing up, and never thought I’d dream her husband was trying to catch me. [Laughs].”

 We really respected you and Laura for volunteering to compete in the arena. We’re you both planning on competing against Alton?

“That’s a great question. I was actually. Alton and I were very good friends. We actually shared a bedroom. Alton gave off this demeanor that he was ready to go into the arena, and ready to go home. He told me “I know you want a competition, but I want to go in there and let you guys beat us.” The problem was Alton couldn’t find a girl on his team that wanted to go home. Even though Nany had said she was ready to go home on numerous occasions, she really wasn’t. Alton couldn’t leave the house without taking a girl home with him. Las Vegas knew Alton was going to through the arena so Dustin had to step up. Kudos to Dustin and Nany for being great competitors. Up to the point where I was standing in the arena about to volunteer myself in I didn’t know which guy I was going to compete against.”

 On a scale of 1-10 how difficult was the arena challenge?

“Definitely a nine or a ten. Jemmye asked us which type of arena challenge we wanted to compete in. I didn’t want to do the challenge Big EZ and Camila did. The rope challenge seemed like mine and Laura’s best shot. I had watched Chet and Sarah do it, and no offense to Chet, but I thought I was a better athlete than him. I was pretty confident we would be successful. However, what people underestimate is the weight of that rope. Its 100ft long and the more of the rope you untangle the more weight you have to pull. You breathe in dust and that’s what made Dustin throw up at the end. It was a really difficult challenge.”

Do you still have the beard?

“To be completely honest, I don’t have the same one, but as of right now one is growing back. I broke my thumb at football practice two weeks ago, and I just came down with strep throat so I haven’t been shaving a lot. I’ve been hiding in the house like a hobbit. I’m planning on shaving it in a couple of hours. It should be pretty well shaven by Halloween.”


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