Artist of the Week: WakeUpLater

Genre: Acoustic


Bio:WakeUpLater is the alias of Musician/Songwriter Robby Busby. Formed in early 2012, WakeUpLater is based in Cape Town, South Africa. Finding a love for music early in life, Robby began playing in church bands at 14 years old, slowly progressing in the local music scene and playing semi-professionally by the age of 15. At 16, Robby found a passion for songwriting, and started recording acoustic originals at 17, which warranted the beginning of WakeUpLater.

Why he is the artist of the week: WakeUpLater is not only good music to listen to, but he is also on the rise to stardom! Watch out for more updates on WakeUpLater and follow him on twitter (listed above).

Check out his music:

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