All Time Low "DON'T PANIC!" Album Review

(6 stars)


All Time Low’s fifth studio album will be released tomorrow! To know if you should buy it continue reading a song by song review of All Time Low’s “DONT PANIC!” Over the past year and five months since All Time Low put out “Dirty Work” a lot has happened like: Dropping Interscope Records, making an album unsigned, touring, signing with Hopeless Records again, and working hard to promote and make the best All Time Low album they could. Each and every band member believes this album is the best album that they have ever made. They are very proud of the album and can’t wait for everyone to hear it. This album was made independently with help only from Producer Mike Green, Patrick Stump (who co-wrote on Outlines), Cassadee Pope (guest vocals on Backseat Serenade), Anthony Raneri (guest vocals on So Long Solider), and Jason Vena (guest vocals on Outlines).

The album starts with The Reckless and the Brave which was released by the band right as summer started. This song was put out before the band signed back with Hopeless Records and before the band went out on Warped Tour for the summer. This song was to go get fans pumped for the upcoming album. The Reckless and the Brave is honest and open about trying to find your place in the world and about the band going on their own for a little while and staying true to themselves. This song has a great beat and you can almost feel the heart put into this song. The chorus is so catchy and fun to sing along with. Perfect beginning for the album.

The second song is titled Backseat Serenade, this is the song Cassadee Pope is featured on. This song has very talented drumming (props to Rian Dawson), and the chorus is so mesmerizing. It is about falling for someone and just wanting to be with them more than you can due to complications or whatever it may be. This is Jack’s favorite song on the album because it is a stronger and deeper song.

The message behind track three is similar to track two. It is also about not being able to be with someone who means so much to you. Lyrics such as “and you were miles away, I’d fold them end over end to bring you closer to me” and “I settle for long distance calls; I’m lost in empty pillow talk again”. If These Sheets were Sates is heart touching and romantic. Rian has said this is his favorite song.

Somewhere in Neverland is perfect for solo dance party’s when no one else is around. Guitar and drums fit like puzzle pieces together and make the song upbeat and enjoyable. The whole Neverland/Peter Pan, reference is brought up a lot in the song with the chorus starting off like “Wendy, run away with me” followed later in the chorus with “I wanna be your lost boy, your last chance”. Trying to feel young and be together no matter who is in the way and who is trying to hold you back. This song will be great to be played live!

Alex Gaskarth’s life story is a tell all in So Long Soldier. He explains how he moved to America from Essex (right outside of London) when he was seven (in 1995) and how when he got to America he discovered himself. The second verse is about the band as a whole coming together and trying to make it as a band using the reference “Hopeless Dreamers”. Personally this  song is one of my favorite on the record. Just the whole story and Alex referring to himself in third person is amazing. If you are a fan of Circles from “The Party Scene” than you will surely like this track. It has the same vibe and a similar beat. This is the song has vocals featuring Anthony Raneri of the band Bayside.

The middle of the record is split with track six being The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver. The sarcasm in this song is just perfect and shows the personalities of the band because they tend not to take things too seriously, and are able to laugh at themselves which only makes them that much better. The sarcastic remarks include “You’re the snake hidden in my daffodils when I’m picking flowers” and “You’re the breaklines failing as my car swerves off the freeway”. The name of this song itself The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver is just funny and shows the All Time Low that fans know and love. To sum up the song its inventive and very pop-punk. Alex has said this song goes out to the people who never think something or someone is good enough.

To Live and Let Go is trying to show how driven All Time Low is and how they haven’t lost themselves. They can use their old work “The Party Scene”, “Put Up or Shut Up”, and “So Wrong It’s Right”, but bring in a more modern radio vibe like “Nothing Personal” and “Dirty Work”. This song shows all their past albums best. Lyrically this song is one of the best on the album. This song has a Guts (from “Dirty Work”) feeling about letting go of people who are no longer in your life.

To push the passion and truth behind the song Outlines, Jason Vena of the band Acceptance stepped in and recorded some vocals for this song. This is also the song Patrick Stump co-wrote with Alex. Outlines has an upbeat tempo with drumming that sends chills down my spine! The chorus starts out with “I’m just a moment so don’t let me pass you by” which is saying you may only have one chance at things so take a risk and push limitations. I love the lyrics and the chorus is a favorite of mine. Zack Merrick’s bass is sometimes faded or hidden by lyrics, drums or guitars, but in this song the bass sort of stands out if you pay attention. The song has a Time-Bomb melody, which is one of the more popular tracks off of “Dirty Work”.

Thanks to You has standout guitar playing that even features a guitar breakdown during the song which credit goes to Jack Barakat. The lyric’s are powerful and catchy. This song was written with the intention of making the crowd go crazy live (in a good way), and you can definitely feel that vibe while listening to it. Thanks to You is a decent song with sincere and heart-felt lyrics.

All Time Low loves playing in their hometown of Baltimore, Maryland! The song For Baltimore is the bands way of thanking their hometown and paying a tribute to where they grew up and where their dreams came true. The songs point out lyrics being “I don’t wanna say goodnight, I’ve never been so sure, Just do it for the memories, Do it for Baltimore and do it for me”. Aside from the message of the song the entire beat of the song is perfect, starting slow then building for the fantastic chorus with an other short slow down more towards the end of the song. This is one of those songs you can’t help but belt out when it starts playing! This my final favorite even though they are all perfect in my opinion.

Paint You Wings is different from any other song on this album with a pop driven sound but alternative sounding lyrics. It’s not my favorite song but it’s still good and has very good bass from 2:15 to 2:30ish when other than Alex’s voice it is the only thing playing.

The final and ending song So Long, and Thanks for All the Booze is a great song to end with. Alex says this song is a big “F**k you to people in the [bands] past” he has also said this song has a lot to do with the book “The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams. The title even comes from a line in the book “So Long, and thanks for all the fish”. If you have the read the book  it makes more sense! The this song does wrap up the album perfectly! A great send off and farewell.


Overall this album is great! It’s honest, upbeat and just perfect! unfortunately if you were looking for a slower song like Remembering Sunday or Therapy it isn’t on here. Each one of these songs is powerful and has traits of old All Time Low and future All Time Low. Personally I will be playing it over and over again….



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