'The Real World: St.Thomas' Recap: Episode 10 "Of Vice and Men"

Marie and Latoya would consider each other best friends in the house. At this point, this is the closest they have ever been. On a one on one, Latoya lets Marie know that she isn’t treating Robb as well as she could. Marie takes Latoya’s insight but continues to do what she wants. Marie has invited Max out for a couple of days and has no intentions of changing that. Marie tells Robb she wants to “cool off for four days.” As Marie leaves for her date with Max, Robb says that if she hooks up with him its over. Marie, oddly enough, ends the date early and has no interest in seeing him again. Latoya stays behind with Max and they go clubbing. She even dances with him! Marie has her emotions sorted out and realizes she only has feeling for Robb. Marie becomes upset with Latoya after hearing her talk to Max and offer to hang out with him at the Carnival. They eventually resolve their issues with each other. After the whole Max-Marie incident, Robb and Marie bond have a stronger relationship.


Brandon heads out of the house for some time for himself at a local bar. He finally meets a girl he’s interested in. A “yummy tatted up blonde” is what he describes her as. She tries to influence him to take a couple of alcoholic drinks and this is a major challenge for him for his journey towards sobriety. Unfortunately, she won and Brandon breaks into the pressure from Kyndra and takes a few shots along with his share of drinks. The next morning Brandon is regretful of what he has done.


I feel that Marie and Robb can go nowhere but forward and up if they continue on the path they are on. Robb is a very loving guy and Marie just needed a realization of all the things that Robb does for her. I believe that Robb genuinely loves Marie and would do anything for her. Maybe Marie has not been in a relationship where her partner cares about her more then she cares about them. I think Marie and Robb are a perfect match 🙂


Do you think Robb is too good for Marie? Do you think they can make this relationship work?

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