Interview with JC Cassis and Rony Goffer of XELLE


Here at Honest Reviews Corner we got the opportunity to talk with JC Cassis and Rony Goffer of dance-pop, girl group: XELLE. They base out of NYC and are signed with ZaZaZoom.
XELLE is a girl group with a twist made up of singing and songwriting powerhouses JC Cassis and Rony Goffer and drag queen sensation Mimi Imfurst,” you can get more info about them on their Facebook Page or on their website:

Also keep your eyes peeled for the new music video, ‘Hologram,’ which is “on track to break world record for longest music video ever made.” It also features many celeb cameos including: KEVIN ALLISON, JANEANE GAROFALO, KERRI KENNEY-SILVER, JOSHUA MCKINLEY, MICHAEL MUSTO, MIKE RUIZ AND MARTHA WASH.

You can catch XELLE member, Mimi Imfurst on this Fall’s season of RuPaul’s Drag Race Allstars!

See what the girls had to say here:


How did you choose your group name?

“We all like to joke around a bit but our producer Zach Adam thought that XELLE would be a great idea for a name. We all loved it too, because it had lots of different meanings; we like to do everything extra large in terms of fashion, our sound, our shows and everything that we do and then we also like to excel in what we do, ya know?
I just want to also chime in that one of our members isn’t actually a biological female and so there’s a little word play on that as well.”


Do you feel you’re at a disadvantage having a girl group?

“No not at all, I mean on the contrary! It’s a great advantage, I mean, what’s better than three girls dancing around on stage?
The funny thing is that we are the girl group that’s not all girls! We mix the best of both worlds, ya know? The gay world and the drag world with the female pop-star world!”


What’s your favorite part about performing?

“I can say that I love just the energy and the audience, it’s so much fun. The response to us. I actually love to perform for an audience that hasn’t heard of us before, we start singing and then everything just takes over them, they start smiling and dancing along. The call and response sections really work. And everything, just all that love, is my favorite part!
Yeah I think for me it’s just getting to live out your fantasies in your real life, it’s fun to be wild and crazy in your dreams too, but sometimes it can be met with a little resistance. When you’re on stage the bigger the better and better the more out there you go.”


Do you guys have any big plans for the rest of the year?

“Oh yeah! It’s sort of nothing but big plans. *lost service – audio bug* We’re getting our fans ready for a big release, we’re going to get them what they want!”


What do you consider your greatest success?

“The fact that so much was incorporated into the video, I think it’s just incredible. That kind of love goes back to our fans and that’s just great.
Yeah, I think it’s just nice to see how well people’ve responded to us and what we do because we really give it our all, we really push the limits of what people think we’re capable of doing. We do the craziest things we can think of and we just love to hear back from people all over the world and that they’re excited for what we’re putting out there.”


Describe your music in a couple of words:

“Well we like to call it mega-pop, it’s a mix of good melodies, harmonies and like crazy ‘80s. you could say it’s inspired a lot by Queen, Abba, and the Spice Girls – a lot of Euro-pop.
I would say it’s fun, outrageous and unexpected.”


Lastly, do you have anything to say to fans or new potential fans?

“I’d say, get in on XELLE now so you can say that you knew us before we were big, better get on the train!
Yeah, keep listening we’re going to surprise you!”

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