'The Real World: St. Thomas' Recap: Episode 8 "Hurts So Good"

On last nights episode of ‘The Real World’, the focus of the couples shifted as Marie and Robb’s relationship is brought forward.

Robb and Marie start the deepest conversation they have had yet. Marie knows how she feels about Robb, but she is scared of her feelings; Robb wants to express how he feels about Marie but isn’t sure if he should. After receiving mixed signals from Marie, a dark past comes out. There is something about Marie that triggers Robb to do crazy things. The first being self-harm such as burning himself on his arm with a cigarette or punching himself in the face. But things start to change when the issues are no longer about Marie and instead are issue within Robb. He explains to Brandon that he is not good enough and he is not worthy of anyone. These emotions are being brought out because he loves Marie more than himself. Brandon gives Robb some advice since he has dealt with the same self-harm issues, but Robb decides to brush off his problems. The next day all the roommates attend to some fun activities at the Senor Frogs plaza while Robb begins to learn maybe he is not what Marie is looking for.

Trey and Laura have hit new realizations too. On last weeks episode, Trey gets a phone call from the girl he was seeing back home, Chelsea, and finds out she is two weeks pregnant. On tonights episode, Chelsea calls again and wants to know the status of her and Trey’s relationship. She is contemplating dating other guys and leaving Trey. He slams the phone down in anger after hearing what Chelsea wants to do.

Trey continues to call out Laura on her drinking habits.There is a huge difference on the way Laura acts when she is without and without Trey. Without Trey, she is a fun, bubbly girl who just wants to have a good time. But when she is with Trey, its almost as if a dark cloud is watching her and raining on her parade. Because of this, Trey and Laura have decided to end their fling. Trey realizes it would not be fair to Chelsea or Laura to string both of them along. For now, Trey and Laura remain good friends and respectful roommates.

Can’t wait for next weeks episode to see the couple action between Swift and Latoya!

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