‘Pretty Little Liars’: The Remains of the A 3.06 Recap

In the beginning of the episode, Hanna and Spencer are going through the hospital looking for Mrs. Reynold’s room to replace Garrett’s note with a fake note to lure ‘A’ out to somewhere. Hanna writes the fake note telling ‘A’ to meet at the Rosewood Church by the organ tonight because it will be deserted. Spencer believes it will be Lucas but Hanna doesn’t. She said though, that if it is him she will bring a paddle and finish what she started in season 2 when he was being very weird on the lake. When Hanna goes in to the room to switch out the notes, Mrs. Reynold’s opens her eyes and her monitors start to beep and go off. Hanna runs out of the room pulling Spencer behind her as the “blue team” enters the room.

Things that Ezra is saying to Aria aren’t adding up. In the episode before, he tried to take Aria out to a nice dinner and got her a nice camera because he now had money from a new editing job that he just got. Unequal things #1- you don’t get paid that fast from a job that you JUST got. In this episode, he tells Aria that they need to start pulling their resources together as he thinks there is only one pack of ramen left in the fridge. If he was able to take Aria out and buy her that camera, shouldn’t he be able to buy food and keep his kitchen at least partially stocked?

Spencer’s dad comes home while Spencer and Toby are talking and when Toby leaves her dad tells her that her mom is at work and working on Garrett’s case. Something is wrong with the evidence and because they can’t retest it because it may have been tainted or there is too little evidence, Garrett may be able to get the case dropped because there was not enough evidence to find him guilty. Spencer runs out of the house because she can’t believe the news. Spencer then meets up with Jason and talks to him about Garrett’s case and asks him if he knows anybody named April Rose.

Spencer brings up the NAT club and talks to Jason about them filming people and he says that he didn’t film any of the films but did watch them. Jason always thought that Ian had help and that maybe he wasn’t just filming everything for the club. He may have been filming for someone else.

While Aria is hanging out at Ezra’s place, she is snooping around his apartment and finds a large stash of money hiding in his sock drawer. She immediately gets up to leave as that worries her and wants to get away quick.

Spencer and Hanna talk about April, Garrett, Ian, and Jason and what April could be hiding that Garrett wants gone. Aria shows up and they start planning out their plan for the night: she and Emily are going to hide behind the organ and see who shows up. She just wants to be able to see who shows up so they can plan a real attack to trap the person. It could be a little tougher than they originally thought though since there is going to be a party at the church later that night. Aria brings up the amount of reward money that Jason was offering and asks if it would be weird for someone to have about that amount of cash lying around. Spencer tells her that not only would it be weird, but that if a person has that amount of cash lying around, they could be a criminal.

Hanna’s mom makes her go to the party at the church and Hanna says she doesn’t want to go because of a creep who won’t leave her alone. So she tells her mom she is bringing Toby to keep him away. When Hanna goes to ask Spencer about Toby, Spencer starts freaking out and talking about how she doesn’t want Toby involved. She begins to explain that she has been breaking dates with Toby to keep looking for information on April Rose. (So far she hasn’t found anything, but she started looking through police academy lists and is beginning to wonder if maybe another person inside the police force could be helping Garrett get away with murder. Hanna’s first guess is Detective Wilden.) Spencer ends up breaking down and telling Hanna that while she wishes all of this stuff didn’t happen, she has to keep reminding herself that if all of the stuff with Alison didn’t happen, she wouldn’t be friends with Hanna and asks what time Toby should pick her up.

Emily is at an ATM when she looks up and she is at the intersection where the box with her jacket was picked up. When she sees a restaurant, she gets a flash of memories from the night she was drugged and goes in to check it out. She sees a maze on a paper and has a memory of someone doing the maze and writing “I’m sorry I left you” on it and the waitress telling the group, “She doesn’t look so good, better get her home before she passes out.” Spencer then sees the inside of someone’s wrist with a tattoo of an eye holding hands with someone else.

At Spencer’s house, Jason shows up telling Spencer that it found April Rose. However, April Rose isn’t a person, it’s an antique shop. When they get there, Jason is talking to the couple inside the store telling them that they are looking for something their friend left for them. As Spencer looks around the store, she finds a bracelet on a mannequin and remembers a time when she was with Alison and she had that same bracelet on her ankle. Jason asks the gentleman if he knows who brought it in and he said he didn’t know and couldn’t sell it to them because it didn’t have a tag and was a “display piece”. Jason starts offering him money and finally at $400 he lets them take the bracelet.

Toby is starting to suspect that something is up when Hanna tells him she doesn’t want to dance. She goes running after him and starts to slow dance with him. He asks her why they are at the party and tells her that they have both had naps more exciting than the party. When Hanna’s mom calls her away, Toby calls Spencer asking her to call him as he is about to leave and wants to know why they are lying to him.

When Emily gets to the party, she see’s Holden, Aria’s friend, and he hands her a cupcake. On his wrist is the eye tattoo and when she asks him about it, he shows her that it’s just a stamp and is for a party where he had seen Maya at a few times. She then sees a glimpse of the back of someone’s head that looks a little like Holden’s curly brown hair.

Jason dropped the bracelet off at the police station telling them they found it by an anonymous tip and they said that he and Spencer will have to wait to hear back from them. Spencer then starts asking him about the letters that led him to finding out that Spencer’s dad is also his dad. She then points out how different he and Ali are. That the reason he doesn’t want her to read those letters is the very reason that Ali would want her to – because they would hurt her.

Back at the party, Hanna makes her way in to the church chapel to keep an eye on the organ and see who shows up from the note. Detective Wilden shows up with the note and finds Hanna crouching between pews. He shows her the note and says that a nurse found it and handed it over to the police. You can tell that Hanna doesn’t believe any of what Wilden said and after he accused her and the other girls of pointing their fingers at Ian trying to keep Garrett away from the police, Hanna runs out of the chapel.

When Aria gets back to Ezra’s place, she finally confronts him on the money that she found in his drawer. She asked him where it came from and he told her he sold a car that his grandfather left him. He didn’t want to tell her about selling the car and having all of that money because it was embarrassing to him. He was a professor and now he is scanning the want ads for web scenes and reusing coffee filters. Aria then joins him on the couch to finish watching whatever he was watching and while the guy on the tv is talking about loyalty and being loyal to someone even with his faults, Ezra turns and looks towards his dresser with the money in it. What aren’t you saying, Ezra?

The next morning when Spencer wakes up, her mom has already left and her dad wants to have a chat with her. He tells her that an important part in the Reynolds case was turned in that night, but he was sure she already knew that. He told her that the police had been looking for that anklet for two years and now they managed to find it. He then tells her that the anklet had trace amounts of blood on it, Alison’s and someone else’s and it wasn’t Garrett’s. The judge ended up throwing out the case because of the evidence. Spencer runs up to her room and ends up breaking down because of the news and the fact that, yet again, their assumptions were wrong and they still don’t know who the killers are. While Spencer is breaking down, she gets a text: “Hey Spence, I have one more surprise for you. Garrett isn’t their killer. –A”

The ending ‘A’ scene shows ‘A’ eating a bowl of food scanning the newspaper’s classified ads circling rooms for rent and then dialing a number.



Could Ezra really be in ‘A’s group? Or do you think it is merely a coincidence that he talks about looking through want ads and ‘A’ does the same at the end of the episode?

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