'Pretty Little Liars': That Girl is Poison 3.05 Recap

While walking to dinner, the girls are outside chatting about A and how if the police find basically ANYTHING they could get arrested based on that evidence alone. Cops and an ambulance then show up at Garrett’s and push Mrs. Reynolds (Garrett’s mom) out of her house on a gurney. Aria sees someone in a black hoodie watching what was going on and they think that maybe ‘A’ wanted Mrs. Reynolds out of the house for some reason.

The next day as Aria is about to get a ride with Ezra before he goes to an interview, she sees Lucas outside of a building banging on the windows and yelling at someone to give him his stuff back.

As Emily and Paige are talking outside at the school, they see Jenna walk down the hallway with no cane, sunglasses, or eye patch.

Hanna is at home pouting trying not to go to school. She pretends to leave for school after her mom leaves but turns around as soon as she can and goes back to pouting in her kitchen.

Spencer tells Emily that the place that Lucas was at was a photo studio. It is on the same block as where Aria and Hanna saw him one night and Spencer is thinking he could possibly have taken the pictures of the girls at the grave. Spencer then tells Emily that Garrett is going to be let out for a while to go see his mom at the hospital. While Emily is voicing her displeasure at him being released, Spencer explains that Garrett getting out could be a good thing. It could be a way of ‘A’ trying to get Garrett out of jail to get a message to him or something and they could finally try to figure out who ‘A’ is. Jenna then interrupts them and gives them invitations to her birthday party as well as invitations for Aria and Hanna who aren’t at school yet.

Aria is trying to help Ezra by buying him things now that he is unemployed. Spencer tries to tell Aria that guys don’t like that and tells her, “Every time you baby squirrel Ezra, you’re taking away his nuts…” He texted Aria to tell him that he got an invitation to Jenna’s birthday party and Spencer goes “What?! Did he find his nuts?!” Aria then questions Spencer on how she can write a paper but she is actually breaking in to her mom’s e-mail to find out what time Garrett is being released.

That night, Hanna gets to Spencer’s house and is dressed in sweats. When Spencer asks Hanna about her attire, she says, “Because, Spencer, I’m too depressed to work a zipper!” Aria brings up Lucas being at the photography studio because Emily thinks she may have heard why he was at the studio. He has been working for the lady there and started stealing her supplies to develop his own personal film and the girls believe it may have been pictures of them.

Before going to Jenna’s party, Spencer goes to the hospital to spy on Garrett and see if he is meeting someone other than his mom. He gets some flowers for his mom and is writing a note to go with them. Spencer points out that his mom is in a coma and won’t be doing a lot of reading and she believes the note would be for ‘A’.

With Hanna being depressed over her breakup with Caleb, her mom made her help out at a local shelter the bank her mom works at is volunteering at sorting through clothes. As Hanna is putting shirts away, someone dropped off a new box of clothes and Hanna begins to go through them. In the box is Emily’s gray jacket from the night the girls found her at Alison’s grave. She tries to take the jacket but gets caught by Ted, the volunteer coordinator.

Aria ends up running in to the photographer and talking to her about Lucas and she found out that his stuff is still at the studio being held hostage until his parents pay for the equipment he has used. She tells Aria that she is looking for a new assistant and Aria tells her that she is interested. Aria then goes and finds her equipment and pours water on the case so that she would be able to go to the studio and have a look around.

After Paige starts getting mad at Emily because she won’t talk to her or “hang out” with her at the party where she has to work, she resorts to spiking her drinks. I really feel like there was something in the flask that Emily had that caused her to forget what happened that night in the season premiere episode. Especially when Paige starts exhibiting some of the things that Emily showed that night. She was also slowly beginning to blank out on stuff that was happening and passing out. When Paige falls and gets a large gash on her head, Hanna brings the jacket to Emily at the hospital to have her see if it was her jacket she found. Emily pointed out that she sewed the pocket back together with a pink thread and the pocket in the jacket that Hanna found was sewn back together with a pink thread.

When the photographer notices that her memory cards are ruined, Aria offers to go to the studio to get her new memory cards. In the studio, she finds Lucas’s stuff and takes the negatives that are in his bag to look through them. She runs in to Lucas outside of the store where he tries to get her to somehow let him in to the store so he can steal his stuff back.

While Spencer and Emily are at the hospital waiting on Paige to finish getting looked at after she falls at the coffee shop, Spencer sneaks off to Garrett’s mom’s room to see what his note to her on the flowers said. The note from Garrett basically said that she always believed in him and now he is going to believe in her. Spencer didn’t think that that was all there was though, so she kept looking and under her hospital bracelet she found a note that said, “April Rose has the proof.”

When Paige gets out, she tells Emily that she just got a few stitches and when she told the doctors about how little she had to drink, they wanted to do a tox screen. They found traces of Milizopam, a sleeping pill, in her system. When Emily gets home, her and Aria are talking on the phone while Emily is looking up the drug. In a tube used for negatives, Aria finds three pills with ‘MZM’ on them that look exactly like the pill Emily found online.

The last scene with ‘A’ is of ‘A’ looking through what seemed to be Maya’s purse. ‘A’ pulls out a wallet and a picture of Emily, a few papers and other things, and a pill bottle with pills prescribed to Maya.

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