Interview with The Real World's Robb Schreiber

Robb Schreiber is the most attractive 6’6″ redhead from Pennsylvania we’ve ever seen! He currently stars on MTV’s ‘Real World: St Thomas’. Check out our interview with Robb below  –we discuss alcohol, male crushes, Marie and superheroes – and be sure to follow Robb on twitter. You can catch a new episode of ‘The Real World’ every Wednesday at 10/9c.

What made you want to be a ‘Real World’ cast member?

“Everyone has this cool story. Swift said he went to support a friend, and others just loved the show. I never really watched a full season. I’ve caught episodes here and there of past seasons, but my mom of all people loves the show and she told me to go have fun and go on a vacation. I applied online and the next thing I know, I’m on a plane to St. Thomas!”

In the pilot episode you dressed up as a superhero, so what is your favorite superhero?

“Fun fact: I absolutely adore superheros. Marvel before DC comics. Favorite superhero is probably Wolverine. Him or Captain America.”

We love your hakuna matata tattoo, but what is your personal favorite tattoo that you have?

“Every time I get a new one, it becomes my new favorite. My first one was a Pokemon and that was my favorite for a while. I just got both of my wrists tattooed and on my left wrist it says “love” and on my right wrist it says “life” so those are probably my favorite right now.”

So what is the story behind your hakuna matata tattoo?

“It’s not like I’m a huge fan of The Lion King, I just like everything it stands for. It means no worries, so it’s what I’m trying to live by.”

In the last episode, Emily was a big topic of conversation. At that point in time were you team Em or team Marie?

“I was super confused. We were in St. Thomas and it was really fun. Emily was kind of a whore, but we started things back at home. She had everything booked, her plane, her hotel, so I was torn between being a dick and canceling everything and having Marie around me 24/7. I started getting a lot of feelings for Marie, so at that point I was more or less leaning towards Marie.”

Who can hold their liquor better: you or Marie?

“Uh I definitely can.”

What is your favorite drink?

“I love beer, so my favorite beer would be either Corona or Land Shark. In the mornings, I’m a big fan of mimosas. When I’m already pretty drunk, anything with whiskey in it. I’d love a big ass cup of whiskey and amaretto and maybe a pinch of lime in there, and that’ll really top me off.”

Who are your favorite musicians? 

“I love Sleeping With Sirens, but their lead singer quit and has two other side projects so him as an artist is beautiful and adorable looking too. Big into Eminem and Yellowcard. Oh and man crush #2 Jason Lancaster from Go Radio and Mayday Parade.”

What was your favorite part about living on an island?

“Well the worst part of living on an island is the fact that you can’t escape. It’s like Alcatraz, because the boats would break down a lot. The best part is that we would wake up and our front yard would be the Caribbean Sea, it was absolutely gorgeous. Also, they are these little tiny baby lizards that are the size of my thumb and they would be scampering around our computer desk and they were cute as shit to look at.”

Do you watch the episodes when they’re on?

“I feel kind of awkward watching the episodes because I always think – did I really do that? or – Is that really how my voice sounds? I don’t really watch the episodes until a little bit after and then its like “Ehh I’ll take a break and watch it.”

What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you since being on the ‘Real World’?

“My lifestyle kind of hit overdrive. Everyone wants to hang out which is all good, but then you get the friends that you haven’t talked to in eight years that are like “Oh man we totally have to catch up.” It’s funny because whether people know that I’m on the show or not, because I’m 6’6 and have read hair they kind of recognize me still.”

Was that your best St. Patty’s day?

“Oh yeah, by far! St. Patty’s day at Penn State University is pretty huge and pretty fun, and I celebrate every year, but that St. Patty’s day at St. Croix was awesome. It was just one big party all day.”

What was your favorite prank pulled in the house?

“I’m not really into the pranking, I don’t know if it’s because I’m not clever enough or I don’t care enough to do them. I’ll give Marie credit for her and that big ass fish. Just because they don’t show you that a week after the prank it still smelled like shit. There were fly’s in there for a month because we could not get rid of that fishy shitty smell.”

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