Hey, Paranormal Activity fans, the PA4 trailer has been released!

That’s right, the popular found footage franchise is back with another installment! This film was announced shortly after the success of the third one, but has been kept under wraps ever since, which was quite odd becuase it’s official release date is October 19, 2012, so unless they were going to pull a “G.I Joe” on us, they were running out of time to get the word out. Until now, all we had was the return of Katie Featherston, and the assumption that baby Hunter would return as well. Well, a lot of our guesses and assumptions can be put to rest and replaced with more guesses and assumptions.

So what we can gather from this trailer is that it’s a sequel to the end of the second, instead of another prequel, which many of us were assuming to get from the franchise. Katie and Hunter have returned, and possibly have moved in next door to this film’s protagonist, a young teenaged girl. If they haven’t moved in, they’ve definitely got a connection to whoever the neighbors are, because strange things are afoot, and they’re being caught on film (of course!).

Just as the other films have had different types of cameras, it appears this one will be using some webcam shots, which may or may not work in a large theater, but will definitely bring the thrills and chills home for a lot of viewers. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like there will be many scenes with a webcam, so let’s hope that the one or two scenes play out well on the big screen.

So now the big question: Can we trust the trailer? I don’t know about you, but I definitely haven’t forgotten about the lack of almost every scene depicted in the Paranormal Activity 3 trailer. I was expecting to see a movie with a burning house and the seance gone wrong. What ever happened to those scenes? They were definitely expensive, so why wouldn’t they have them ANYWHERE in PA3 or the DVD? Maybe we’ll see them in this movie, or maybe that’s what this movie is about and none of the scenes in the trailer will be in actual movie and they’re just trying to throw us off. It’s possible, isn’t it? This movie has been so hush hush that I wouldn’t be surprised in least.

Either way, I don’t think this will be the last we’ve seen of the Paranormal Activity franchise, not by a long shot. It is one of the most profitable franchises to date, and in my opinion, one of the scariest. For those who don’t think it’s scary and have only seen it on DVD, go watch the midnight premiere in theaters and I think there’s a good chance you’ll change your mind.

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