'Awkward' Recap Episodes 2.04 & 2.05

After her parents split Jenna was feeling guilty about ever telling her dad about the carefrontation letter her mom wrote. So she decided, well her mom decided, to find forgiveness from none other than the big man upstairs. And who else to help enlighten Jenna and get her on her path than the school saint herself Lyssa?  All Jenna needed was to get away so Lyssa suggested the church retreat. Plus there was a taco party and what a better way to get forgiveness then Jesus and tacos? Even though Tamara had suggested a weekend with her Jenna was still adamant on going.

Jake trying to get Matty out of his funk. Isn’t he such a good friend?

One person who really wanted some forgiveness was Sadie. Even though she would never admit it she missed Lyssa. But Lyssa wasn’t ready to forgive Sadie. She had made Lyssa do some horrible things and Lyssa was convinced that Sadie’s bad behavior was what drove Jake into Jenna’s arms.

Speaking of Jake he was helping Matty get over some girl (cough Jenna cough)  that had completely broken his heart. So who does Jake ask for advice? Why Jenna of course. Now she not only felt like she ruined her parents marriage but was on the verge of ruining Jake and Matty’s friendship. This retreat was just what Jenna needed. She could get away from the drama at school and focus on herself.

Haha yeah right. Did you really think she would go off to Bible camp with no strings attached? I know a string that would be perfect. How about Sadie? Sadie was determined to ruin Jenna’s time and get Lyssa back. Sadie confronted Jenna in a share circle about her “suicide attempt”. While Jenna was being crucified her mom was downing wine glasses with Val the VP and learning how to dine on her own.

After going to hell and back Jenna decided to leave.  She learner that instead of asking God for forgiveness she needed to forgive herself. Lyssa finally realized it was time forgive Sadie and let her back into her life. Jenna realized that her and Matty’s relationship was transitioning well into a friendship. That is until she saw Matty look at a freshmen girl. And this ladies and maybe a few gents is the transition into episode five. Great transition right?

Ah valentines day a time for love, a time for kisses of the Hershey brand and also a time for heartbreak for single. While Jenna’s head was filled with love and Jake Matty needed some Vday advice of his own. Jenna thought Matty was getting a little intel for Jake but we will find out later on. Now Jenna needed some intel on Matty and his feelings for this freshmen he’s been hanging around with. While waiting for opportunity to ask her friends on the subject Ming told Tamara that she wouldn’t be able to hang out with her this Vday because she had been invited to the Black Hearts Party. A party for the single and bitter. And Tamara really wants to go to see if Ricky Schwartz is truly in love.

How could you not love him?

Jake had planned a romantic night with Jenna starting with a romantic dinner. What could be more romantic than having your boyfriend take you to a quiet restaurant? I know how about a table next Matty and his date Courtney. I beg to ask the question what could be more awkward? The black heart party was in full swing and Tamara was determined to make Ricky jealous. Back to the dinner, sitting side by side while Jenna and Jake were determined to not let Matty and his date ruin their evening because Jenna realized that when Matty was asking for advice it wasn’t for Jake it was for him. After getting a bump on the head literally Jenna realized that Matty was trying to make her jealous and it all made sense.

Back at the BHP while Tamara was trying to find some lips to lock with Ming had already found hers on Fred. On a new mission to find the bathroom Tamara found something else Ricky making out with…wait for it… SADIE!!!! I know who would have thunk it right? Walking Jenna to her door at the end of the night Jake thought he had screwed up the whole night and just as Jenna as telling him it was the best night he said the three word sentence that every girl when prepared for it swoons at. Jake had told Jenna he loved her and sealed it with a kiss. And Jenna’s response was the exact opposite of Jake wanted. She said and I quote “Awesome “. My personal feelings in this if you don’t feel it don’t say it. But don’t day awesome or God forbid thank you. Tell the person that it was sweet of them to say that but you aren’t sure if you feel that way yet. Back to the show Jake’s face was like watching his heart get ripped out. It’s OK Jake I have shoulder for you to cry on.


So the question now remains does Jenna love Jake or does she still have feelings for Matty?


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