'Teen Wolf' Recap: Episode 2.06: "Frenemy."

So, this week’s episode starts out with us finally getting to see that mysterious film footage that someone erased off of Jackson’s camera, revealing what all of us already knew anyways—Jackson is the Kanima. So, that basically means that every single character in the show is after him now. Go figure.

Allison, meanwhile, doesn’t feel like it’s necessary to inform Lydia about what all is happening, even though she’s been smack-dab in the middle of it almost since it started.

Cue a fairly impressive fight between Derek and the local lizard man, interrupted by Allison’s father showing up with the creepy granddad, trying to kill everyone, and failing pretty horribly.

Get some, Scott!

However, the Kanima faces off with Argent senior, in a fairly weird moment. It doesn’t try to attack him, just stares it down until Scott chases it off. Hmm.

Scott chases after it and ends up meeting up with Stiles outside of a bar, noticing the Kanima sneak inside, Scott assuming that it’s going after Danny. So obviously, they go after it, and realize that they’ve just ended up in a gay club. Go figure. And the Kanima is crawling around on the ceiling, creeping around right over Danny. Obviously, Stiles and Scott try and make sure no one ends up being lizard lunch. This fails, because somehow no one notices a lizard thing creeping through the tightly packed dance floor until people start falling over paralyzed from the stuff’s venom. People including Danny.

Seriously, where did this guy come from?

Luckily, Derek shows up and chases the Kanima away, so no one ends up dead—and when Scott chases after the Kanima, he ends up finding Jackson laying in the middle of the parking lot, naked and looking like he’d really appreciate an explanation for waking up naked in the middle of a parking lot.

Meanwhile, that mysterious guy everyone keeps talking about ends up in Lydia’s backyard for some reason, and starts hitting on her. Apparently he lives fairly near to her, and lays on the charm pretty thick and gives her a flower he picked off the vine behind her.

A bunch of policeman and ambulances show up, along with of course the Argents, and Stiles and Scott seem to have kidnapped Jackson, deciding that they need to hide him away until they figure out a way to make sure he’s not going to go around killing anyone else. They decide on a prisoner transport van parked in the middle of the forest.

However, they run into something of a problem in the fact that Jackson doesn’t believe he’s a danger to anyone, which turns a simple ‘we’re keeping others safe from you!’ to ‘We just kidnapped you and locked you up in a van’, which really, is enough to make anyone upset.

Allison’s grandfather is now interrogating her, layering on the ‘sweet grandpappy’ act pretty thick and still managing to be extremely creepy about it, sending Allison away and making the audience fairly certain that he knows something is up that she’s not talking about.

‘Don’t make me kill your boyfriend. Honey.’

Also, CCTV cameras are going up all over the school, and Allison’s mother is for some reason substituting in their literature class, proving that the ‘creepy Argent’ thing doesn’t skip generations.

Scott gets the info out of Danny that the restored video—the video of Jackson turning into the Kanima—is on Danny’s tablet, in his car. So, Scott goes to get it and finds out that it’s gone. Stiles and Allison quickly make the decision unanimous that the Kanima probably didn’t take the tablet. So who did?

Jackson overhears the trio’s talk about saving him, and seems to be pretty effected. Also, he sees his hand erupting in scales, so there’s no way he could doubt the Kanima story at that point.

Scott and Allison have a moment while guarding Jackson, which, completely unpredictably, ends up in Jackson escaping right under their noses. Way to go, hormonal teenagers! Stiles shows up to point out their mistake, i.e. the empty van that the Kanima escaped from, and the trio makes possibly the most rational decision in the history of all television shows ever. They decide that as a bunch of teenagers, they are not capable of handling an escaped murderer with supernatural abilities, and decide to call their parents, aka the sheriff and the hunter specifically trained to deal with murderers that have supernatural abilities. Good for them.

Cut to Allison coming home and Lydia somewhat creepily sitting on her bed in the dark—though that’s all forgotten when through a very specific twist in conversation it’s revealed that Lydia (the closet genius) can read archaic Latin, which is exactly what they needed in order to translate the Bestiary and learn how to deal with the Kanima.

This…complicates things.

Scott and Stiles go to talk to the Sheriff about the whole murdering lizard on the loose thing, but when they show up to the station—gasp!—Jackson is already there. With his father. His father the lawyer. And he is totally going to sue their asses.

But, they have more important things to worry about, when it turns out the line ‘The Kanima seeks a friend’ had been mistranslated, and they were misunderstanding its intentions the whole time. Apparently, the Kanima seeks a master.

So, Jackson is being controlled by some outside party. Who could it be?? With Teen Wolf, only time will tell.

Because, as we know from season 1, they really like throwing Red Herrings out there to throw us off the scent.

Catch the next episode of Teen Wolf on MTV at 8/9c on Monday, July 9th!

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