Rocky Loves Emily "Secrets Don't Make Friends" Album Review


The album starts off with I Don’t Like you. I’m a new Rocky Loves Emily fan and I Don’t Like You is a song that is catchy and seems like it’d be a great song to sing along to, if only I knew the lyrics. Like most first songs on a CD, I thought this one was going to set the precedence of what was to come.

I was shocked when I heard the next song Drivin’ Me Crazy. I was instantly singing along. This song made me realize that Rocky Loves Emily doesn’t have good songs that are fun to sing along to once you know the lyrics, they have great songs they are fun to hear starting with the first time.

The title track is Secrets Don’t Make Friends, and I was pleasantly surprised when this song automatically put me in a good mood. It has a sunny and laid back sound to it.

Rocky Loves Emily slowed it way down on the next song Oil & Water. I want to say that I didn’t like the song, that I wasn’t ready for a slow song that was over five minutes long, but I can’t. It wasn’t the best slow song I’ve heard by a pop-rock band, but it certainly was not the worst by any means.

The beginning of Be Mine Tonight reminded me of ‘Secret Valentine’ by We The Kings. It had the same background music but more upbeat vocals.

Guilty, Guilty is a song that I just know is going to be my new favorite song. I do have to admit, that I like the verse’s better than the chorus, but the lyrics are fun enough that I know the chorus will quickly grow on me!

Before you think I loved everything about this cd, I did not like the song Dream. It reminded me too much of ‘Jamie All Over’ by Mayday Parade. It bugged me how unoriginal this song sounded.

I was also disappointed with the song Nightmare. Go listen to it, and then listen to ‘Sick Little Games’ by All Time Low. Yes, the lyrics are completely different, but it has the same exact guitar line as ‘Sick Little Games’.

Luckily, I was refreshed with the originality of The One Your Searching for, the Root of all Evil and It’s Not Me. They were completely original, catchy, fun and so much more.

I hadn’t listened to this album until today, and I have to say that it will definitely be on repeat on my iPod all week. If you are a fan of punk-pop music go out and buy this CD. No regrets here!

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