Live Interview with William Beckett


William grew up in Chicago. Rather than attend college he got into his dad’s car and drove to the east coast. He performed acoustic shows at any venue that would allow him to. Without much success he returned back home and formed the band The Academy Is… His life was forever changed. The Acadmey Is… released three CDs, sold over a half a million records, and toured nationally. In 2011 The Academy Is… broke up and since then William has been working on his solo career. William was able to get back to his roots and remind himself of why he loved music. He has recently released his EP “Walk the Talk” and is soon coming out with his next EP “Winds Will Change” on July 17th. He hopes to release 4 EP’s this year, so when you put them all together, it will make a full length album. We recommend you purchase Walk the Talk and spend the $20 to see William in concert this year! We had the opportunity to see him perform in Memphis! Watch our live interview with William below.

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