Cover Wars: "Mean"

Who doesn’t love a little pop-country?! TSwifts build-me-up anthem, Mean, has gotten a lot of people through a lot of situations. It could be that uptight boss or the nasty friend, either way it makes for a great song!

Below are the top 5 covers of “Mean” that we have found. Vote below for the one you like best. If you have any suggestions for a cover of this song that you love and we have missed, please leave it in the comments below. Who knows, we may even add it.

This cover wars ends Sunday, July 15th at 5 pm CST
Cover #1

Artist: Artist Vs Poet


Cover #2

Artist: Megan Nicole & Boyce Avenue


Cover #3

Artist: Dia Frampton


Cover #4

Artist: Plug In Stereo


Cover #5

Artist: Sidewalk Prophets

[youtube] [polldaddy poll=6375225]


  1. Why you gotta be so mean to each other? 😛 Hah. I couldn’t resist. Anywho. It comes down to whomever the listener/viewer prefers. No need to fight over who’s better and such. Just let the poll do it’s thing and move on. Yea? I personally prefer Dia’s voice to AVP’s sound. Just saying. Although AVP and other people put more effort into a more engaging video, Dia’s was just more of my “cup of tea” type of cover. So, that should be it. None of this “cheating” business. The poll is up for people to vote, whether they vote more than once or not. It’s not really cheating.. It’s just a flawed polling system. Blame the programmers. ;P

    Good luck to all! 🙂

  2. Disclaimer and Apology,

    I think I was too strong in my comments about the two top contenders here. I like all Dia Frmapton fans want her to win but if Artists vs. Poets does that’s Good too. I haven’t yet viewed their Cover so perhaps my judgment was bad. Apologies are offered A vs P. Sorry, and may the better Artist Win no matter what our personal favorites may be.

  3. I listened to all the covers before I voted. I’ve heard AVP’s cover numerous times before, but I’m not one to just vote without checking out the competition, that wouldn’t be fair and it would be dishonest of me. Upon listening to ALL the covers and not just my favorite, which is AVP, I came to the conclusion that their’s is in opinion the best cover, I have listened to Dia’s several times, and it just isn’t amazing, it didn’t give me chills, if anything she was like those 14 year olds who post covers of songs on YouTube, the only special thing about it was that she was a contestant on the Voice and that she used to have a record deal with Warner Bros. The guitar was half-assed, compared to AVP’s cover hers pales in comparison. If you had someone who was unbiased choose between the two they would probably choose Artist Vs Poet’s.

  4. That was in no way meant to be disrespectful to Dia Frampton, I personally enjoy her voice and recognize that she has talent. I have also noticed that her fanbase is a very butthurt one, voting more than once is not against the rules if it was it wouldn’t be allowed. I hardly think that tweeting the link is cheating as well, I don’t see how it would be. Not to mention that if Dia won this she probably wouldn’t care, Artist Vs Poet care for all the efforts their fans are putting into this. Oh yeah, can I point out that Dia’s fans are telling each other not to waste their time because they “know Dia is better” I don’t think she’s better, that’s not to say AVP are better than her, they’re both musicians that should be respected. All of us need to learn that.

  5. Artist vs. Poet sounds like a recording studio version. Dia’s is simple and personal. My vote is going to always be with DIA.

    1. It sounds like that because they take the time to give their fans something that they feel is enjoyable and quality.

  6. To tell you the truth, I really don’t think either Artist’s Fanbase has CHEATED. We are all so very passionate about our favorite that when the lead changes we get judgemental. Hey, even I did that, and that happens because we are quick to judge and WE DON’T truly have all the facts. This is one reason our Generations; (Baby-boomers, Xers, etc.) are in such a mess these days. Aside from all that; this Poll has been a True back and forth battle between Dia and Artists vs Poets. Both are very good Artists, but I have to say Dia Frampton is by FAR my absolute favorite. I was surprised to see her take such a commanding lead overnight. But remember people, she has a HUGE fan base in the Pacific Rim countries as well as in some of the larger South American countries.

  7. AVP’s cover may sound like a studio recording, but it was done by THEM so all the work that went into the video was theirs and not some team of professionals, which to me makes it just as “personal” and “genuine” as any of the other covers. I actually listened to the other covers before voting for the one’s sound which I appreciated more, which was Artist Vs Poet’s cover. Don’t knock it before you’ve bothered to listen!

  8. Artist vs. Poet put more effort into this.. Dia Frampton is good, but definitely not the best. If AVP doesn’t win this, I think Megan Nicole and Boyce Avenue are second best.

  9. Honestly, I’ve listened to both Dia and AvP, and I liked Dia’s version more. Dia’s sounds more natural comapred to AvP. Maybe I’m just not to the liking of AvPs’ lead singer’s voice because it was a bit pitchy to me.

  10. How could you possibly vote for anyone other than Artist Vs Poet? I voted before I heard all the covers ’cause I love AVP and Joe Kirkland<3. Even after hearing Dia Frampton (Mother fucker beats Joe Kirkland? No way, she has to be pretty bad ass? NO!!!) I still stick with my choice. In my opinion she sucked and what was with all the echoing? AVP is the best and HOW COULD YOU VOTE AGAINST THE PART AT 3:27 AND 3:16!?!?! Pity.

  11. Maybe some of you shouldn’t be too harsh on your dissing on Dia. There are some opinions that you don’t need to share because it is insulting to other people. Think twice before you hit comment. Be considerate, at least. Respect all the artists with their covers. It isn’t fair.

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