'Bunheads': Inherit the Wind 1.03 Recap

Boo Jordan is still my favorite Bunhead. There. I said it. There is just some quality about her that I love. Her nervousness in front of Melanie’s brother is much unlike a lot of the other girls. She has almost a true, non-dramatized characteristic about her and makes me feel like she is one of the most “true to life” characters on the show. There was one scene for Boo that really stuck out to me and made me love her character that much more: when she was sticking up for Sasha’s rudeness. Although Sasha then blew up at Boo for what she was saying, Boo still meant every word and seems to be a true friend to the other Bunheads.


The episode starts with the Bunheads searching for the most disgusting feet to try to help their studio win the contest between studios around the state. Boo has blisters, Ginny has bunions, and one of the other girls lost her toenails and the Bunheads went crazy over that.

The morning after the contents of the will were explained to Michelle and Fanny, Fanny goes off on a tangent of what she is able to use in the house. The two keep going back and forth on what Fanny can use. Fanny finally decides to give Michelle a quarter for the water she is going to use. After Fanny complains of being homeless and jobless and Michelle tries to tell her she isn’t. Fanny decides she doesn’t want her water, pot, mug or tea and goes off to teach her class in a huff.

Back at the dance studio, Boo is up on the second floor reading and Ginny brings her a Snood to bring her luck during the Joffrey auditions. Boo then sees Melanie’s brother in the studio with her and freaks out a little because she has a crush on him. Boo wonders why Melanie didn’t give her a heads up so she could do something different like “makeup, different leotard, bag over [her] head.”

While Michelle is at the house, Claire, Ginny’s mom, shows up at the house with her “famous taco in a bag casserole,” offers her condolences, and any help that she can give Michelle. It turns out that she is a real estate agent and she takes Michelle around the property showing her the whole seven acres of land. It seems that the information she is giving Michelle is crazy. Her trees are going to create an explosion of squirrels among other things. When Michelle and Ginny were walking by the dance studio, Fanny saw them and began freaking out thinking that Michelle is selling the house along with all of her possessions.

After her run-ins with Fanny, Michelle takes off in Hubbell’s car and the car ends up breaking down just as she turned on to a road that ended up being a private road.

While the girls were dancing, Melanie convinced Boo to go up to the front of the stage to dance and make sure that Charlie, Melanie’s brother, saw her. Boo is not normally that brave so when she gets up there, Sasha is her rude self and tells Boo that she should just give him (Charlie) a lap dance loud enough for him to hear. As she tries to go to the back of the stage, Fanny sees her and likes that she was at the front so she ends up making her stay there.

Because Michelle did not know the road was a private road, when she called the tow truck the guy would not go on the property and the police officer arrested her for trespassing and disobeying him. Fanny finds her and gets the police officer to let her go. Her reasoning as to why he let her go? She swing dances with him. Yup. She swing dances with the police chief.

As the girls are getting ready to go home, Melanie and Ginny invite Boo to go sleep over at Melanie’s house and they could help get Boo and Charlie together. Melanie and Ginny then start trash talking Sasha talking about how much of a bitch she is and Boo defends her. Sasha hears this and gets mad at Boo telling her that she doesn’t know her or anything that goes on in her life. Boo then goes and meets her mom outside and you can just see that the two of them get along really well. They are laughing and joking around about a “dead foot” smell that her mom swears came from some fat free macaroni and cheese when Sasha is walking by still pissed. As Sasha gets in to the car with her mom, we see that things are the complete opposite with them. Her mom doesn’t care for her at all. After a hard day at work she scheduled herself a massage and basically told her daughter it’s either fast food or frozen food which she isn’t even sure they have.

Since neither the cop nor tow truck guy will cross on to the street to help two Michelle’s car, she walks up the “really misleading” private road which completely makes her crazy. There, she meets Grant, the owner of the house. He gets his chauffer to look at her car so they don’t have to worry about the people not wanting to go on the private road. While Michelle is there, she talks to Grant about what all has happened in Paradise so far. When she talks about some stuff that Claire told her, he tells her that Claire is an idiot and to not really listen to what she is talking about. He tells her that she would be able to sell the house and land and give Fanny a cut of the money so she isn’t left without any money or place to go. While they’re talking, Michelle gets a text from the girls telling her that they won the contest and Craig points out that she does have a little something keeping her in Paradise – the dance studio.

As Michelle is walking back to the house from parking her car, she sees Sasha practicing in the studio. She talks to her about why she is at the dance studio at that time and how she managed to get out of her house. You can tell Michelle is really beginning to care about the girls when she tells Sasha to be careful getting home and the look on her face shows just how much she cares. As she walks around the studio, she finds the guest house and really seems to like it. She then goes back to the main house, pours a huge vase of wine and tells Fanny that she is going to stay in the house while Michelle stays in the guest house and that they are going to get really, really drunk.


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