Band of the Week: Young London

Genre: Electro Pop

Location: Boston, Massachusetts


Bio: Young London is a duo made up of Matt Rhodes and Sarah Graziani who met in 2010 and instantly started writing music together. Matt was more into the electric music and Sarah loved indie pop so together they knew they would make elecro pop music.   In January of 2012 they released their self-titled album which you can buy here!

Why they are the band of the week: Young London reminds me of all the music I used to listen to as a kid. They put a fresh spin on 90’s pop that will keep you listening for days! On top of that, they were the two nicest people we had a chance to chat with at Warped Tour. Never heard of the before? Pick up their CD, I promise you will not regret it!

Check them out on Warped Tour: Dates Here

Check out their music: 

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